Balancing Weight Gain And Burning Fat

I've been having some amazing benefits from eating high fat, low carb - especially on the energy side.


I was pretty lean before ~165lbs and 6ft - now down to about 155lbs.  Kind of crazy how the weight has dropped off but I think I've lost body fat, which is great.



My question is: How do I put some mass back on without losing energy benefits and without gaining body fat.


Is sweet potato + rice at night the way to go? 


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    ive been in the same boat . eating a non toxic with healthy fats plus healthy carbs leaves me at 156 lbs.

    but ive been trying to eat more the past 2months or so..and I've gained 3lbs.. that's all..

    i think that's actually a healthy result of weight gain.

    I do go to the gym about 3-4 days a week. 35-45min.. that's all... .

    but i am very active all day everday.

    Detail : By eating more , i consciously consume more meals a day than previously. even when im not really hungry.

    i finish my nights..daily. with a blended concoction of ice, hemp milk, Gf.collagen, banana,

    GF chocolate whey concentrate, peanutbutter, raw egg, hemp hearts, with sea salt.

    maybe im gaining just from that extra bit. .. i dont know really, but man it tastes so good.

    if you read that article in daves blog about the studies done with card vs protein diets. the end result was more weight gain by the group who consumed more protein along with carbs.


    2 different results.

    both groups ate same % of carbs daily

    but one group ate more protein with same carb intake.
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    Lift some heavy weights and add a bit of protein?


    You want to add muscle rather than fat back on ideally.


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    bumping this thread along...

    i'm looking to gain a bit of weight myself, whilst trying to keep fat gain down to a minimum...

    From the dietary component of the equation;
    What would be the biggest mistake (or mistakes) to make which would result in gaining more fat than lean mass...?

    (i think it will be helpful for me to know; what Not to do, or where it can go wrong,...).

    fake it till you make it

  • Calculate your calorie/macro needs and stick to them. Eat most of your carbs after strenuous workouts. Eat most of your fat away from workouts. Do some challenging strength training at least 3 days a week.

    The biggest mistake would be not training enough to justify the food intake. The other biggest mistake would be not eating enough to fuel your performance and the growth that it stimulates.
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    i think my biggest failing/mistake that i have made in the past when trying to gain lean mass is not eating sufficient protein. 


    getting enough calories has never been an issue...but the increase has probably come mainly from carbs and fats and not enough from proteins. 

    i have never restricted meat or fish, but probably just never consistently stuck to eating enough of it. 

    and i have never found a good protein powder that i liked* ... until recently.  


    * recently i found a protein powder that i like and will stick with it. 

    it's a good New Zealand wpi. I can actually eat this stuff straight out of the packet (no need for a shake).

    which makes it handy to snack on and add to meals throughout the day.  


    & i think it's doing the trick, so far so good...

    fake it till you make it

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    anything to add Jason M. ? on 'What would be the biggest mistake (or mistakes) to make which would result in gaining more fat than lean mass...?'


    just trawling few some of your older posts Jason, & one thing i see, is gaining weight too fast...

    & please correct me if i've got this wrong; 

    Ideally you want weight gain to be 1lb/week,  2lbs/week would be closer to 50/50 fat/lean,  more than 2lbs/week will be skewed towards fat



    fake it till you make it

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