Please Refer Me To The Best Stick/immersion Blender For The Coffee

My Dad is doing Bulletproof and asked me to find him an immersion blender, which I did. However he is asking me to find out which model is the best or preferred by people doing bulletproof, because if he doesn't angle it just right it sprays the coffee everywhere.


What model of stick / immersion blender has worked best for you all? So I can order it online.


Also what container do you use when you blend? We are thinking about a quart mason jar, however, would it be at risk of cracking from heat or the blades? Something with tall sides to hold in the liquid from flying out. What about one of those big coffee cups with the wide base and narrow opening (they remind me of a volcano)? anyone use one of those?


Advice appreciated. Thanks.



-MKJ for my Bulletproof Dad


  • ACH85ACH85 ✭✭

    I used to use a Breville Control Grip immersion blender. I recommend it because it has the regular blade attachment, a mini food-processor attachment as well as an egg whisk attachment. And a blending jug, which I used for Bulletproof coffee. 


    That said, with immersion blenders you basically need to tilt the blades at the surface of the coffee since the fats float on top. They're just not powerful enough to suck the fat down into the coffee on their own, unless you blend for a really, really long time. Spashing happens. 


    Basically just get a tall, wide jug, and be careful. Glass is better than plastic since there's no chemicals leaching in, but personally I'm fine with BPA-free plastic. 



    But I've upgraded to a real blender and I'll never go back. It's faster, easier, and I can blend smoothies and soups too. I use my Blendtec at least twice a day, which even over the course of a year makes it 50 cents a use. But it's got an 8 year warranty, so in reality it will be far cheaper per use. 

  • I currently use a Magic Bullet and I love it for making BP coffee and grinding the beans.  Quick clean up, too.

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    I use a Cuisinart Smart Stick and picked up a stainless steel milk shake beaker on eBay (they are on Amazon too). Works like a charm (preheat beaker & smart stick while coffee brews)! At 400 watts, it is plenty strong enough to pull everything to the bottom. In fact, the suction holds it to the bottom so strong that the only time there is splashing is if you try to pull it up to surface w/o turning it off.
  • Also, an actual mason jar is designed to be heated (boiled actually) for canning.  I put my bulletproof coffee in one every day to take to work.  No leaching, I can see when it has separated and throw the lid on and give it a good shake, and I can take the lid off and microwave it lightly.  (yes, I know microwaves are of the devil, but at work, I don't have a ton of options)

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