Please Refer Me To The Best Stick/immersion Blender For The Coffee

My Dad is doing Bulletproof and asked me to find him an immersion blender, which I did. However he is asking me to find out which model is the best or preferred by people doing bulletproof, because if he doesn't angle it just right it sprays the coffee everywhere.


What model of stick / immersion blender has worked best for you all? So I can order it online.


Also what container do you use when you blend? We are thinking about a quart mason jar, however, would it be at risk of cracking from heat or the blades? Something with tall sides to hold in the liquid from flying out. What about one of those big coffee cups with the wide base and narrow opening (they remind me of a volcano)? anyone use one of those?


Advice appreciated. Thanks.



-MKJ for my Bulletproof Dad


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