The Best Home Use Neurofeedback Hardware

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I wanted to ask for some advice on the absolute best piece of hardware you can get for home neurofeedback use.

I have yet to purchase a system, but have been researching Brainmaster, Emotiv Epoc, Neurobit, Mindpeak, and Brainstate.

I know many of us on this forum would like to use neurofeedback daily...

I would like to start a clear discussion on which system is the highest quality and most affordable for home use.

Perhaps one I haven't discovered yet?

It seems like many people are buying Emotiv headsets and feeling disappointed about their purchase.

Also, once you purchase an EEG setup, what is the most effective software to use for authentic therapeutic results?

Mind Workstation? Neuro Programmer 3?

Does anyone have a home setup they are really happy and impressed with?

Thank you!




  • Please do a search of the forums, I have made many posts on this before as have other experienced nfb members -- there is a lot of gold tucked away. I stress this because almost* all of the info you have written relates to equipment and software that professional nfb practitioners wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole.


    Prepare to spend a large ammount of money - ~$5000

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    Thank you for your response. I am relatively new to neurofeedback.

    I have been searching the forum and found some interesting information about HEG.

    May I ask what you have found to be most effective?

  • May I ask what you have found to be most effective?



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    I have been doing a lot of forum searching, and you're right. There is a lot of good information.

    It seems like many people like Neuroptimal, Brain-trainer, and HEG type setups. There are many, many options being discussed.

    Would anyone be willing to offer their suggestion on the "Top 3" setup options for under $5000?

  • For ~$5000 if you go with Brain Trainer, you get nIR HEG, 4 channel EEG (with a lot of spare parts to use long into the future), software, training materials, coaching with the owner, a personalised training program to implement, a support community where you can learn a lot from over time, and the flexibility to not be locked into one solution (ala Neuroptimal).


    With the brain trainer system, they're teaching you the skills to do this yourself for the rest of your life. They really don't want you to rely on them forever, it's not how they seem to operate. With Neuroptimal you're buying a black box solution that's fairly pushbutton and only does one thing. Because I have my own amplifier & leads, I can use designs from anyone else that are compatible or design my own if I do so desire.


    I went with the brain trainer system because I wanted to learn more and have the added flexibility. Others prefer neuroptimal but I couldn't justify it once I weighed up the pro's and cons. Brain Trainer gets my vote, but it doesn't mean it's the right answer/solution for you :-)

  • can agree with Hendo's reasoning. I did a rental neuroptimal for about 15 sessions (or so), but recently bought my Qwiz 4 channel set as well.

    Would suggest you to additionally check the Tagsyn thread on longecity:

    some pretty nifty information and a few great peeps around to give you their experiences.
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    Thank you for bringing further clarity here. I'm going to continue research before I invest in a setup.

    My first neurofeedback session was with a system called "Brain Paint", it had a good alpha-theta protocal, but the technology just seemed ineffective compared to the claims of what it could help with.

    After using that system I developed a strong desire to use a neurofeedback to convert my EEG signal into an interactive visual/audio signal.

    For example: visual feedback being displayed as a sensitive, responsive fractal, and audio feedback being converted into slow wave synthesizer tones.

    For some reason I feel like if you could do this right with an accurate EEG conversion, it could be incredibly therapeutic for the brain once you crossover into a theta state. I'm imagining you could "self entrain" into deep states of relaxation. This could possibly be very useful for trauma, hyper vigilance, and PTSD treatment.

    If you used high end studio monitors/headphones and a LCD projector, I would imagine this could be a really nice form of immersion/experiential therapy. 

    Has anyone experimented with anything like this? Or any thoughts on how it could be done effectively?

  • the far the best in my opinion is 


    Mind Media | Biofeedback and neurofeedback systems ...


    very easy to use and has an excellent hardware professional device I have the nexus 4  and 10.and I can sell my nexus4 if any body want to buy ?

    do some research and you will see the superiority of the nexus devices  


  • Hey Leo,

    Thanks for your advice!

    Nexus looks like serious quality equipment. I appreciate the link

  • Leo, I sent you a PM about the Nexus 4. Let me know when you get it.

  • you should look at the thought tech machines. the procomp2 is under $2000 and can take multiple modalities including HRV but only one channel of eeg, i think. it includes the software and you can pick one of the suites. thought tech is a very experienced and respected company. there is also a five channel version for around $3000. and prices go up from there.. i think your expense would be buying extra modality electrodes. there are also suites for specific syndromes. look at biomedical biofeedback systems and supplies for prices. i have the infiniti and previously had the older procomp.
  • NeurOptimal is an easy plug-and-play solution that often produces gains/a degree of resolution of common issues. Super easy to use.  Just hook up, turn on and press start.  Works by acting as a "mirror" to the brain so it can get more information about "what it's doing / about to do", and thus find other routes to increased functionality/well-being.


    Helped me greatly for certain issues.


    If you can, try it for a few sessions to see if you notice anything positive before you purchase.


    I'm also interested in TAGSync though - sounds like a really exciting protocol, with similar widee-ranging benefits. Far steeper learning curve though from what I've read.

  • Just wanted to see if anyone has any updated recommendations for home use systems.I'm very interested in the ease of use of the neuroptimal but if the same set up can be created without the need for the dedicated laptop I'd happily build my own, the Nexus being the current contender. Whatever offers the same neuroptimal benefits really!
  • rngrng

    So you've had a system for 3 or 4 years? Prices have come down and quality is up. Want to try again?

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