Hi...  I've been drinking bullet proof coffee in the morning for a couple of months now and I love it.  I make it as the recipe in the book and add some raw cocoa powder.  My question is that there are some days that I would like to have a second cup of coffee in between the bullet proof one and lunch.  I am trying to stick to the intermittent fasting...  And I don't have the ability to make bullet proof.  If I have a cup of coffee and add a little creamer to it, will I be taking myself out of ketosis (spelling)?   Thanks!


  • My guess is that you will not be taking yourself out of ketosis because you will not be ingesting any carbs.  However, the 2nd cup of coffee and creamer is probably not BulletProof, so it probably contains toxins and mycotoxins and God knows what else, all of which are not good for you.  That being said, you know that Dave's philosophy is not to think of it as good/bad.  Rather think of all foods on a continuous scale and try and always ingest stuff that is more BulletProof than not.

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    Make an extra Bulletproof one in the morning and put it in a flask. It should last until lunch. Easy!




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    real cream will lower/kill your ketosis depending on how much you ingest - "creamer" may not contingent on the protein and carb content.

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