Gluten Free Flour Blend

Hello! I am brand spanking new to this and I was wondering if it is okay to use a gluten free flour blend by Namaste Foods. It doesn't have any ingredients in it that are considered to be kryptonite (at least that I know of) and everything is non-gmo although it is not certified organic. The ingredients are as follows: sweet brown rice flour, tapioca starch, arrowroot powder, sorghum flour and xanthan gum. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!!!!



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    I believe kryptonite also caused low-level radiation poisoning in certain continuities  ;)



    Post-Crisis sources establish that green kryptonite is also harmful to humans given sufficient long term exposure, resulting in cancer as Lex Luthor discovered as a result of a ring with a kryptonite jewel he wore to ward off Superman's presence.[11] [Byrne, John; Giordano, Dick (May 1988). "Games People Play". Action Comics 1 (500): 8.]

  • sorghum is a grain and xanthan gum has a bad reputation in my mind, but i don't feel like searching for the studies i've read that prompted that.  i've had that flour blend's pretty yummy.  i made pancakes the other day that tasted really good with coconut flour, tapioca flour, and powdered psyllium, eggs, water, astragalus root powder, powdered stevia leaf, salt, baking powder.

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