Brain Octane Oil Is Legit!

OK, I have been Bulletproof for 11 days now and have been using BP coffee but no BOO, just MCT oil and Kerrygold from Whole Foods. Ordered the Brain Octane Oil from Amazon and had my first BPC with 3 tablespoons of BOO this morning. The mental clarity is something that I did not notice with the MCT oil but the BOO had me focused like a laser. I hope this is not beginners luck or wears off with time. I know it is expensive, but so far, well worth the price paid. 


  • 3 tablespoons in one drink might be a bit over kill but yes BOO is awesome. :cool:

  • I backed off to 2 Tablespoons, how much are you guys normally putting in your BPC?

  • I recently just started using Brain Octane Oil as well. At first I was skeptic, as I rarely believe the 'hype' behind products like this.

    I was dead wrong.

    I thought 1-2 tablespoons was a large dose to start with, so I just took a cap size shot of BOO. My thinking was much, much clearer than ever before. 

    I generally take a cap full in the morning (literally take the cap of the bottle off, then fill it with BOO) and if I have a busy day, another cap full after work.

    I'm about 148 pounds @ 5'7'', so if you're bigger or weigh more, a higher dose might be better for you. Similar results have been found from others I know who I asked to try a cap full.


    I made BPC for the first time today -- I used 1TBPS of kerry gold butter and 2 cap-fulls of BOO in a large Philz Coffee with no cream no sugar. Was pretty amazing.

  • I am about 130lb over weight and diabetic with mental fog, and needing mutliple naps throughout the day, and severly addicted to sugar/carbs


    Once I started BP coffee with 2 tbl BOO and 2 tbl butter, I immediately noticed brain fog gone,  sluggishness gone, needing only 1 nap in late afternoon, and addictions gone.


    With BP coffee in morning and mid afternoon, having no trouble staying on intermittent fasting schedule.

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