Dietary Potassium And Night-Time Urination

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I've been trying to understand and hack this issue for quite some time with very little success, so I'm hoping I can get some ideas from you folks.


My issue is this: anytime I consume high potassium foods throughout the day (sweet potato, avocado, mango, etc) I have to wake up 2+ times throughout the night to urinate. On days that I intentionally restrict my potassium intake, I only wake up once in the night to go pee (very normal for me). Aside from this issue, my sleep duration/quality are excellent.


The problem began about a year ago. I was having some adrenal fatigue issues, and was advised by my doctor to limit potassium as part of my healing protocol. I went from a high-potassium diet to a very restricted potassium diet for over a year. Now, ever since reintroducing these foods (with doctor's permission), I have been experiencing this problem. For what it's worth, my adrenal fatigue symptoms have improved 100%.


Some background:

- 29 year old male, eating a very bulletproof diet for over 2 years (low-moderate carb intake).

- no caffeine, alcohol, or drugs.

- currently taking small morning doses of Mg, Vit C, and a vitamin B50 complex

- blood tests reveal normal-range aldosterone and electrolyte levels, though I do tend to run a bit high on potassium (even while restricting).

- tests also reveal healthy kidney and liver function


The urination issue is an annoyance, but I do not feel that it significantly effects my sleep. I am unsure if I should take this issue as a sign that something is wrong (and go back to potassium restriction), or if I should just resume eating a normal amount of high-potassium foods (which happen to be among my favorite foods!) and hoping the problem eventually correct itself.


Any input is much appreciated.


  • I talked to someone (not qualified) about that the other day and he said that has to do with high blood sugar, that is if you pee more than once or twice each night.

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    How's your sodium intake...

    perhaps try increasing your sodium intake on your 'high' potassium days.

    Perhaps your issue relates to an electrolyte/mineral imbalance eg. your Sodium Potassium ratio on some days

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    It could be:


    1. Blood glucose regulation issues all the way to diabetes

    2. Too much liquid before bed

    3. Bladder or kidney issues (possible UTI)

    4. Enlarged Prostate

    5. Electrolyte Imbalances

    6. Adrenal Fatigue (even if aldosterone is normal and you feel better, your potassium being elevated in the plasma could be a sign that it is not properly being incorporated into the cells, improper balance with sodium)

    7. Unknown issue


    Try Daz's method first with some healthy salt like Real Salt. If it doesn't improve in a few days see a doctor, get some tests run.

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  • Thanks guys. I have tried increasing sodium intake but haven't noticed any significant improvement. Perhaps I will try taking some sea salt+water right before bed.


    Regarding the other suggestions:

    1) I recently had some tests done for blood glucose regulation and results were in an ideal range. Does anyone know if potassium somehow affects blood glucose regulation?

    2) have tried liquid restriction up to several hours before bed--no luck.

    3) kidney function appears to be normal based on all the tests my doc has had me do thus far.

    4) prostate has been examined (lol) and specialist said everything is normal there.


    That leaves electrolyte imbalance and/or some lingering adrenal issue. Any other ideas for what tests to have done or hacks to try? I have been working with an integrative physician to figure this out for quite some time now with no luck, hence the reason why I'm turning to you good folks for ideas.

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