Dietary Calcium / Phosphorus And Ca:p Ratio

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Looking at cronometer, I've been averaging around 2g of phosphorus per day (290% DV) with some days up around 2.5g.  Lately, my calcium intake averages out to ~860mg (86% DV) for a 0.43 ratio of Ca:P.  I've read that an ideal ratio is closer to one (or at least >0.5) and that higher serum phosphate is related to CVD.  While serum phosphorus levels aren't usually related to dietary intake, I've read that "adverse health outcomes have been associated with normal serum phosphorus concentrations, suggesting that in individuals with adequate kidney function, the measurement of tightly controlled serum phosphorus levels may misrepresent the detrimental effect of high dietary phosphorus intake."


In this study, a phosphorus intake over 1400mg was associated with increased mortality:

(Interestingly, a higher phosphorus-density in the diet was associated with healthier lifestyles and healthier eating patterns.)



By shifting a few food choices around, I can easily bring phosphorus down toward RDA, although the range between RDA at 1,000mg and the safe limit around 1,400mg seems pretty narrow.  Do any of you try to optimize your Ca:P balance / intakes?  To boost lower calcium intakes, what's the safest ideal form of Ca that can be supplemented?  Are there other cofactors / nutrients that balance against higher phosphorus intakes (fructose?)

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