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Okay, so I previously did the BP diet and while I wasn't perfect I was feeling great and was very happy with my results. Due to some unforeseen life events I had to revert to a not so great diet and while I'm not in terrible shape.. I've gained weight and don't feel as well. I've had some difficulty getting back on the bandwagon and was hoping to get some advice. 


About me:

24 y/o male

6'1 190lbs (fluctuate 5-10lbs monthly)

Stressful Deskjob (yay cortisol) 

Do Sports Karate 2 days a week presently (Plenty of cardio)

Super busy and limited budget at the moment


I'd like to drop weight and I did before when I did the BP diet, but I was working out more and found that I wasn't recovering very well. I assumed this was because I wasn't getting enough nutrients so I picked up MusclePharm Combat Powder for Pre/Post W/o. While it's a relatively high quaity mix.. I have noticed bloating and stomach issues when I use it. I compete and very much enjoy doing Sports Karate, so I want to treat my body right.


What I've found is that I do best with consistency and trying to diversify and mix it up messes me up. I need something easy enough that I can maintain course until I get my life back to a stable state. Right now I'm tempted to eat out too much which is both horrible for my body and my wallet. So, with all of that said. I've looked at expensive meal replacement shakes, eating the same thing every day etc..


What would you recommend? 


  • I would be tempted to say make a shake with good quality Whey protein (still very cheap), and a good amount of melted fats to sustain you. I put 100g of butter in mine, but will add more as it is not enough. Drink it over the day for breakfast and lunch, then cook a dinner with lots of vegetable, good quality protein and fat sources (try for something non buttery) for dinner. Once you have made the shake in the morning it will keep you fueled for the rest of the day without having to cook and the energy will be constant but non jittery. 

  • On the subject of shakes.. is Whey and Fat enough? If it's being used for a meal replacement..it almost seems like there should be more to it. Then again, I did IF and had BP coffee for effectively 2 meals so I guess it's not that much different.

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    Can you make your own food? Meats, veggies, fish, eggs, starches, etc. Whey and butter are good for supplementing when you don't have much time, but you could feel more satisfied if you also ate food, also you can end up missing vital nutrients. Some basic foods are not that expensive, buy and cook in bulk, freeze it and having always some foods to eat will help you resist eating out.

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  • Alright, so I hit the trigger and ordered a BP Coffee bundle (w/MCT). I plan to get back on the IF train. What/how much should I be eating between the 2-8PM feed time? Do I eat to be full or eat to meet certain quotas of nutrients I need? I found that before I wasn't super hungry and didn't eat a lot.. which is probably bad for me especially when I'm being active. What are some easy meal options for when you're doing IF?


    Can I load up on Ground beef and Chicken with veggies alone? It's easy fry up 1lb of ground beef with broccoli or green beans or to grill a bunch of chicken breasts. Sweat potatoes now and then for carbs?

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