Rflp When You Don't Need To Lf R -- Bad Idea

I mentioned in someone else's RFLP thread that I was doing it too. I planned to do it for 30 days, reserving the right to revise that, as an intervention in an unhelpful eating pattern and an entree into keto-adaptation. 

After giving the cyclic keto a good try for a few months this year, I had concluded that staying in ketosis is better for me. I actually had more dry mucous membrane issues with carb refeeds, as well as more pain/fatigue/clumsy-cranky-stupid symptoms. And if I'm using ketosis to control bipolar disorder, then cycling out of it would be counterproductive.


Well, the RFLP was also counterproductive--or overkill, anyway, in the context of resetting my dietary regime. I'm less than 90lbs at 5ft 4, and fasting probably wasn't the very best counter to a binge/purge tendency.


I did it for two weeks. For the first four days I felt fantastic. But by the time I realized I had to stop, I was experiencing severe anxiety (opposite of mood stabilization), extreme weakness and fatigue. Worst of all, though, I regressed my gut health by five months! I'd done so much gut healing, and I was back to being up at night with pain, not digesting anything, etc.

Thank goodness, and validating for my work as an herbalist, I've been able to restore that regression and my gut is almost back to where it was before fasting. I'll post what I did in the bp herbs thread.


But--ketosis for me from now on, and a warning to underline Dave's own, that RFLP isn't a great idea if you don't have a lot of fat that needs losing fast!

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