Bulk Supplement Powders / Gel Capping

Hi Everyone, 


I was just wondering if anyone here makes their own gel caps using bulk-purchased supplements. 


I'm talking Vit C / D / Magnesium etc. 


For instance, I can buy 1kg of Magnesium Glycinate for less than a small bottle of capsules. 

The time taken to gel-cap (or just measure and swallow i suppose), would be well returned. 


I'm just wondering if anyone has experience doing so, and/or recommendations for suppliers? 

I found Bulk Supplements and others, but have no idea about quality. 


I did purchase some multi-vitamins from EXOS (Thorne) that Ben Greenfield recommended - but it was an expensive process, which got me thinking down this route. I'm not a big fan of multis for obvious reasons, but these seemed quite well balanced. But still keen to increase a few key vitamins they never have enough of.







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    I use bulk C and Mag but don't cap them, I just take them like that. Ascorbic acid and Mg tastes good in water, just not too good for the teeth so I always drink plain water after them. I sometimes cap vile tasting stuff such as green tea powder, MSM or glucosamine but sometimes I just stomach those in powder form too, because capping takes a lot of time. 

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  • Thanks Reka. 


    Yeah i take alot of supplements like that too, but my wife won't, and if i'm mega-dosing C or something, sour water gets old really fast (since i have to space it through the day). Since you only seem to buy pressed tablets with all sorts of fillers etc, this seems like a better approach. 


    Even if i take it straight, or cap it - i suppose i was more asking if people have experience buying bulk supplements, and if so, where from??





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