Magic Bullet Blender

Was just wondering if anyone else uses a Magic Bullet blender and have issues with it leaking?


Ours leaks just a little bit, a few drops here and there. We used a family members and theirs was even worse. 


Also tried a friends's nutri-bullet and that leaked even more.


Probably time to try a new blender but we love the Bullet, just wish it didn't leak.



  • I have one and never had a problem with leaking. I used it for about a month before switching the the Ninja Professional because it's bigger.

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  • I bought a Magic Bullet a month ago specifically for making BP coffee.  I love it!  Does not leak and no other problems.  My only wish is that they had a cup size that is larger than their current large cup.

  • Ninja here also, it builds some pretty good pressure!
  • katolotuskatolotus ✭✭✭

    I've been using one for over 2 years every day. I have to buy new mugs every 3-4 months and blades every 4-6 months, as they start leaking. Starts with a few drops and gets worse as the plastic gets weaker due to the heating and cooling from the coffee. Had a couple of full mugs of coffee go all over the worktop after the plastic just popped open upside down on the base due to heat, pressure and wear.


    Found some mugs last quite a while and some don't last as long. I have noticed the fake/pattern blades leak very quickly, so try to get genuine magic bullet blades. Had only a couple of rubbers come off while blending due to wear, they normally start leaking first and new rubber hasn't really worked, so always buy new parts now. Ebay has lots of places selling just the bits rather than getting a whole new set.


    I love the bullet, but you do need to replace the plastic stuff. I have 4 bases all still working, two UK plugged, one US plugged (and in the US) and one EUR plugged. It's just the stuff coming in contact with the ☀hot water/coffee that needs replacing after a while. 


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  • Interesting enough, I had a cup leak just yesterday.  I chalked it up to the fact that I filled it too full and then when I went to mix everything together, the contents expanded and created pressure that made it leak.  Anyway, thanks for the heads up, katolotus; I will adjust my expectations about the magic bullet.

  • I recently bought a Nutribullet as well, I've used it pretty much daily for BPC. It's about $100 and It's great for veggie smoothies as well.

  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Alchemist

    Nutribullet via David Wolfe the thing, it really does live up to what may seem hypey.


    I have had a little leakage going on for a while which I thought may have been from taking it off the base before it had stopped spinning, and causing a little damage there.


    To try and fix the leak, as well as for cleaning which is why I initially wanted to find a thread on the product...I tried breaking it down to access, clean, and reassemble/retighten everything. But wow, there are a couple visible screws, but there must be a lot of others that are hidden or something because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this thing open!


    How are you guys keeping it clean? I guess I should have been more thorough after each use and added some actual soap and blended that up with water then fully rinsed. I generally just do a quick rinse. But now...there is a rancid butter smell on the rubber seal things that will not go away.


    And again, I can't figure out how to open the damn thing up to clean.

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    I had one for a while. It's an okay blender, but definitely not great. Mine starting leaking after about a year, and the rotating part broke off shortly after that. In contrast with my Philips blender which is still going strong after 5+ years of heavy use, on this one I only see the wear and tear on a plastic part (which will be hard to replace since it isn't produced anymore). I don't like the idea of blending something in a firmly closed container anyway.


    So I would go with a robust, regular blender if you intend to use it solely at home.

  • I will be purchasing one next month My  Budget is $200 anyone have good ideas? I need to make sure it works so I can make veggies smoothies.

  • silly question but if you put boiling water in the nutribullet and blend it, it doesn't cause any issues right?

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    silly question but if you put boiling water in the nutribullet and blend it, it doesn't cause any issues right?


    Not a silly question at all, the heat can definitely cause problems. However in my experience it works okay if it's a new nutribullet.

  • I'm just going through another magic bullet mug in around 6 weeks. 2 of the 3 clips/notches have now snapped off. No leaks yet, but you now have to put the one notch in the right place to get it to start the motor and it moves a little in the base now! New mug will be required in a few days I'm guessing!


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  • I had a nutribullet pro 900 and the plastic started to get fissures. I returned it in favor an Oster blender with a borosilicate carafe. That has had problems with the plastic base cracking00I'm on my third one. I can't find a perfect blender. 

  • My Magic Bullet has literally exploded BP coffee all over the galley about three or four times now...not impressed

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