Tips For Gracefully Transitioning Off Of Hormonal Birth Control?

Hello brilliant forum members! 


After some experimentation with the BPD in the last few months & hacking my own biology, I've realized that hormonal BC is the most likely cause of some pretty fucking annoying symptoms and I am ready to leave them behind. Hurray! Now... how do I do it gracefully? 


More details? I knew you would ask...

I've been using the NuvaRing now for 3 years (this is the second time - I took it for roughly the same amount of time in my early 20s). I'm 33 and happy with my body composition, shape, etc.


The annoying symptoms I am attributing to the NuvaRing are 1) frequent pain during sex (feels like my insides are inflamed & swollen for no good reason), 2) painful mood swings (I have never been crazy before, and suddenly every now and then I respond in ways that are insane while at the very same moment realizing how utterly illogical the response is. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend this last year!) 3) drop in libido 4) its been harder and harder to orgasm recently (definitely not normal for me) 5) more and more painful periods in the last year. Not normal for me either (without BC I generally have the lightest, easiest, simplest period of any woman I know). 


So, because of all of these reasons, I'm ditching hormonal BC. Since mid-March I've been taking a morning stack of all of the top 10 recommended vitamins from Dave, plus a few extras like Calcium D Glucarate. Actually, this is what convinced me that all of these symptoms were BC related. I took 2 CDGs per meal, 3 times a day for a month. My period was massively easier that month and the frequent pain during sex that had been steadily increasing over time was almost non-existent.


In April I started the BPD following Skye St. John's No Fail Fat Burning method and I added some HIIT for 20 min 2xs a week. I made it fully Bulletproof for 10 days and did feel so much better in most ways, but towards the end I started to get moody - I think this was due to not getting enough carbs. At the time I had to get back to some semblance of a normal life for a while, so while I still buy great grass fed lamb, beef and butter and have amazing wild alaska salmon a few times a week, I am only eating BP compliant about 50% of the time right now. 


I have planned out what BC I'll be using instead (Daysy fertility monitor + condoms &/or diaphragm for potentially fertile days) as I want a healthy body, but I don't want any mini-Me's running around here. I've got that covered. 


Tomorrow I remove the NuvaRing for good (its the normal end of the 28 day cycle and I wanted to get some other birth control methods in place before I bailed on it). 


So, my questions are "What can I do to make this transition easier on me, my body, my sex life and my hormones?" 


So far my plan is...

1) to attempt full BPD compliance for a week or two again (it turns out I am a lazy cook and would rather be doing other things - but for 2 weeks I can make it) with a few more carbs thrown in to stave off the grump monster

2) Re-new taking 6 pills a day of CDG for those two weeks to help with the hormone 'detox'

3) Acupuncture, recommended by a good friend of mine, to re-balance subtle energies. I've never done that before, but sounds interesting and I'm game. 


Anyone have any other ideas, feedback, thoughts? Anything I forgot to mention? 




  • Hey, I know this isn't -exactly- an answer to your question, but have you and your boyfriend ever read the book "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow"? It (Karezza) might be a more beneficial choice to work toward, as a way of weaning yourselves off birth control, since it takes the whole "he blows" part out of the equation. And trust me.. karezza is very worth it :D

    Highly recommend reading that book. :)

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