Can Organic Meat Have More Deceases And Infections?

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I have two friends who have worked as butchers and they scared me a bit when saying that the organic meat often where really nasty with warts and abscesses etc in them since these animals don't get any antibiotics for deceases and infections that form in them. Do anyone have any info on this or can share some thoughts? Have this been covered in any bulletproof articles or podcasts?


I would assume some animals do get sick when not geting any antibiotics, but I would think they would be "discarded", but when listening to them that seemed not to be the case or if some infections and decease is part of "natural life". I am not sure what to believe though. It just sounded very gross.


I found one article that might have some relevance:


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    if your friends still work as butchers...get some photos...then again may be not

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    Hehe, yes they can. So if they were raised like conventional animals but without the antibiotics they sure will have all kinds of bad stuff. If they were happy cows eating the green grass from the Lord of the Rings hobbits it's probably gonna be very healthy. So go to the farm from where you get your meet if you are concerned about the quality. :)


    I know my beef does live on that green grass with the golden sunset and the trees and the hills around them. They have a healthier life than I do! xD

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  • Yeah i think it comes down to the farmer. 


    I don't buy organic meat, but it's 100% grass fed / pastured. 

    They do use antibiotics if an animal gets sick, but the animal is cycled out until well after it's all gone before it may be slaughtered.


    This is probably just a reiteration of the point that buying quality / local is often better than buying commercial "organic".



  • It is acceptable for a farmer to give antibiotics to an animal to save its life.  It is unacceptable for a farmer to give antibiotics to an animal that is not sick.  It also make a difference as to which antibiotic was chosen and how it was administered.  Some pharmacologists will tell you that they "clear the system" in an hour.  So if you mix it in their daily feed, and wait at least an hour before slaughter, you could make that claim. 


    Cows that are getting warts and abbesses do not have enough pasture space.  Antibiotics are not a replacement for suitable living conditions. 


    I bet if you send Glenn Elzinga an e-mail, he would be more than happy to talk to answer your question in further detail.  He is very knowledgeable and proud of his product.

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