Microwaving Rice. Timesaver Or Health Threat?

Carbs are hard for me to get ... they are usually attached to foods that are currently in my "No Fly" zone ... but I still need carbs ... well, at least some ...


So, I frequently find myself somewhere marooned with no hope for white rice prepared the way I like with a little olive oil added ... what I've done to solve this is bring a little Rubbermaid no-bpa plastic container around with me in my back pack. This sure helped me to feel better when I need carbs, but eating cold white rice is not nearly as tasty as hot steamy rice.


Normally I steer clear of the microwave oven becuase I believe cooking food with Alternating Current destroys nutrition in the food. But I'm wondering if there is any harm in just nuking a little white rice for 30 second or so to take the chill off of it?


There are no proteins to denature and no fats to oxidize, so what is the harm? Did I find a microwave loophole, or am I a dead man?


Anybody know of alternative ways to warm something like rice?





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