Grass-Feed Beef In Winter

I want to start eat Grass-Feed beef (living in sweden). But how do you handle it in the winter? Even in other countries. How can it be grass-feed in the winter when there is no grass o be eaten? And I have heard even if grass is saved the nutrion value is much lower and often not enough for the cows. Is it better to eat more beef in summer because of this and less in other seasons? Have this ever been covered in any bulletproof articles or podcasts? I have not read anything about in the bulletproof diet book.


  • Winters here in Australia are quite mild and grass grows year 'round in much of the country. 

    Sure, it's a bit slower, but it's not covered in snow or anything (only a few places in Australia get decent snow).


    We're more concerned about a drought from rain over a freeze of winter. 



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