Best Fish To Eat?

I wonder how often you can really eat fish without risk for toxin? In the Bulletproof Diet book Salmon is classified as Bulletproof, but when reading on the official recommendetations here in sweden for food you are advised to not eat Salmon more then once a week and never if pregnant etc so it is a bit confusing.


  • Those salmon reqs are probably because of the worry that fish have mercury and that the fetus is especially vulnerable.


    As far as safest fish to eat, I'd guess you want all natural, wild caught, freshwater herbivores or ominivores... but I'm hoping someone else chimes in.

  • SkeletorSkeletor The Conqueror Worm ✭✭✭

    Wild-caught Herring and sardines seem like a safe bet. They're small, and aren't high enough on the food chain to accumulate as many toxins as the bigger fish.

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  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Not all salmon is the same. Farmed salmon is not that great, wild salmon is much better. Official recommendations seldom take any of this into account, they just base it on the most common type eaten.

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