Optimal Diet On Hgh And Healing The Brain

class="uiStreamMessage userContentWrapper" data-ft="{"type":1,"tn":"K"}"> [font=georgia,serif]Hi there everyone,[/font]

class="uiStreamMessage userContentWrapper" data-ft="{"type":1,"tn":"K"}"> [font=georgia,serif]I have a recently diagnosed head trauma (from car accident 7 years ago) that put my pituitary out of commission and so as of two weeks ago I started HGH (human growth hormone) injections. I also have a loss of blood flow and other damage in the brain that has yet to be fully mapped out but we know I'm dealing with a loss of neurotransmitters as well as neurons (man I miss short term memory...)

So I am trying to put together the optimal diet to support the HGH injections AND heal the brain. I trying to figure out macros and meal timing as insulin blunts HGH release and thus will suppress the meds. I'm shooting up, (my that sounds bad,) at around 9pm but I can still change it up.

I've been trying to do lower carb- 30-50g but there is some recent binging that I'm not used to and feeling satiety is becoming harder. I really feel like I need some potatoes. I have been eating 1 oz of very dark chocolate which has been a great help with the lack of happy chemicals on board....and I love my daily kombuchas.

I'm 29, 5'6 130lbs.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Any and all input would be most welcome.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Thanks again,[/font]



  • You probably should not be using a computer, watching television, or using a cell phone for starters. Rest is the best thing for you right now.
  • Sounds like seven years of wondering what the heck is going on! It also sounds like you are approaching this the right way. What do you think about doing IF (16-8) and taking the HGH early in the morning? Starting with only Bullet proof coffee until ~12 - 2. How many hours of low insulin works best for the HGH therapy.

    I truly wish you well. My wife had emergency brain surgery when she was 24. Over time she lost some of her short term memory and added a few strange things too. Having reduced short term memory can be frustrating - use as many tricks as you can think of to make things easier -
  • jspadejspade You are what you eat eats!
    I have read some good stuff about fasting and the brain. While fasting the body will scour for damaged and diseased cells. This includes cells in the brain. Water fasting was actually used to treat schizophrenia-successfully-mid 20th century. If I remeber correctly fasting can regenerate nuerons. I believe it is the only thing that can do this. Just google 'fasting and the brain'. As for the HGH. I think it's an important tool in your recovery. But on the other hand if it's synthetic, which it most likely is, it can mess up other things. There are natural ways/supplements to boost HGH. I would ask my Dr. what options there are for this. Jason makes a good point too, REST!

    My 2 cents!
  • Thank you both for your responses. It has been an incredible and heart wrenching 7 years but there has truly been so many blessings that I wouldn't change one but of this wild ride:) I am sitting here struggling to remember info for my new job though and it really is astonishing how difficult it is. I'm all empathy for your wife. Does she still deal with it?

    I really like the idea of IF and due to the potential insulin spike if I eat around the injection time I've been eating dinner by 7pm, injecting around 10-11pm and then not eating until about 9am (and yes, I totally start with my bulletproof coffee:) This is only something I started recently doing though but it seems to be going well. I actually suspected I had an HGH problem long ago and did IF for a time but due to chronically elevated Cortisol (and a flipped curve to boot) I stopped. The damage to the HPA axis made it nearly impossible for my body to make T3 and instead loaded me up with rT3, shutting everything down. It didn't help that my doc misdiagnosed me for 2 years and kept upping my T3 dose. I nearly lost my mind. Literally. Gasoline on the fire, which was leading to schizophrenia. That was fun. I'm miles better now.

    I like the idea of injecting in the morning so as to join with the natural fasting as well as the fact that I would not be suppressing any HGH production I do have. That being said I understand that HGH at night is vital and I'm a lady doing without. And no, unfortunately there are no natural ways to boost my levels of HGH to anywhere near where a health adult needs them to be, as my pituitary is not healing for I lack the HGH to heal it. A 3 hr glucagon stimulation test at UCSF Medical tells us so. I'm all about natural ways to heal via nutrition, supplements, and following the inherent ancestral knowledge of the body but I've done just about everything under the sun and am comfortable accepting this aid. Now to optimize it, heal completely, and then I'll look at backing away from it.

    I'm speaking to a nutritionist who specializes in this therapy, healing the brain, and is also fantastically aware of nutrition and this way of eating. Will let you know what I find.

    Thanks again!
  • Sorry, I was confused. I though that your doctor prescribed the HGH to help heal the brain and you are suffering from new symptoms. When I first read this post, I was dealing with some medical issues of my own. I take back my earlier comment about not using a computer. That would have been for a different brain injury protocol. Have you looked into neurofeedback training? It may help your brain learn how to function around the damage. Unfortunately, the brain cannot see itself. Neurofeedback allows your brain to do this and it will learn how to function more efficiently.
  • jspadejspade You are what you eat eats!
    Glad to hear that you are taking an informed approach. I have just one other suggestion and maybe your nutritionist friend can take a look at this as well. Dr. Christopher, an herbalist from middle 20th century, has a great line of products. One you might benefit from is his 'Master Gland Formula'. It is strictly formulated for the pituitary. You can get it of course on amazon, of which, Life Balm sells it at the cheapest prices and free shipping. Might be worth a look. Good luck with everything!
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