Tap Water In Slovenia

So I moved the beginning of this week to Slovenia and drinking tap water here. Do any of you guys have a clue if this water is bulletproof? Or should I just buy water at the store? I am very sensitive to mycotoxins but I have no clue if this could be in tap water or not.


  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    If you are sensitive you will certainly feel some effects after drinking it, and then you can decide it yourself. Welcome to the "neighbourhood".

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    Is your social worker in that horse?


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  • It is hard to say I don't feel optimal lately anyways given bad food choices. For 2 days now I am 100% strict except the water. It might be interesting to go to bottled water first and once I feel 100% try to switch that variable. Does it matter what brand of water I buy?


    Thanks for the welcome :) I will be visiting budapest for sure! In June I will likely visit croatia so hungary is next!

  • Hey, I am from Slovenia :P

    I have to say Slovenia has very, very good water. So unless the pipes in the buildings are really damaged and old, you should be completely O.K. to drink tap water :) 


    On a side not, I read somewhere, that if you use warm water from tap it becomes a bit bad, because it sucks in the stuff from the pipes. So maybe if you drink warm water (it's much healthier than cold), just put it in kettle and heat it to ~40°-

  • Yeah I just had a bad pipe I think. Water I got from a different tap in the house looks much better lol. (not that white stuff (lime?) in it). 

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