Ez Bulletproof Diet Menu For One?

Hey all....

New to the Bulletproof Diet - have just put off trying it for too long.


My challenge when starting a new way of eating is that I am usually the only one in the house doing it, I feel great about the anticipation, and then the day before I plan to start I feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed at planning the menu and pulling it all together.


I am at that juncture right now.  I WANT to start the BP Diet tomorrow - but feel completely overwhelmed with how much to prep, what to eat and how to keep it simple.


Has anyone else successfully overcome this hurdle?  Any SIMPLE menu suggestions for the first week even, so that I can get a head of steam?


Any help is appreciated!




  • Grass Fed, Free Range meats and eggs...Grass Fed Whey for your proteins....Theres a topic on the forums if you use the search function for grass fed whey protein bars made by someone on here that are absolute dynamite in a pinch.


    Wild Caught Fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies etc


    Avacado Oil, High Oleic Peanut Oil and Grass Fed Butter/Ghee for sauteeing/baking foods  (also good in their uncooked forms)


    Coconut Oil/MCT/Brain Octain oil 




    Real Salt (Thats the brand name) Its from Utah and tastes pretty good


    Grass Fed Collagen is good for overall skin/joint health


    Dark Chocolate--85% and up, sure its a little bitter but in small doses its pretty enjoyable


    Try to get in a gallon, maybe a little less of water a day.


    As far as carbs I like white rice (jasmine) grown in California, sweet potato, butternut squash, pumpkin 


    Plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, stuff like cauliflower, peppers, etc are all pretty good


    Take it easy on the fruits with all the sugar 


    Cook with plenty of fresh herbs, the more the better---I love these


    As far as supplements


    Iodine, Get some Detoxadine and call it a day follow the label

    Thorne Research 2/Day Multi

    Vitamin D3 from Jarrow 5000iu

    Magnesium Glycinate by Pure Encapsulations 400mg at bedtime

    Maybe some extra Potassium Citrate powder

    Vitamin C...I use a brand called C-Salts



    Just mix and match the above food items and basically prepare them like you would any other did using non-BP items.  It's really pretty easy it just seems daunting because its new. I'm a complete doofus and I manage to do pretty alright.  Just have fun with it man.  Oh and remember that everyone once in a while its ok to not eat BP items and enjoy yourself. 

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