Piping Rock Mct?

Does anyone use Piping Rock MCT oil? Good deal on Amazon for a 64 oz bottle. I usually use the Now brand but supply tends to be low at our local Whole Foods, a few times they haven't even had any in stock. Plus it's $30 for a 32 oz + cost of gas! The Piping Rock is double the supply for $26 (shipping included). Just looking for reviews. Thanks!!


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    Holy crap! That sounds like a good deal.. From the ingredient list it sounds similar to now mct. someone should order and test. i might do it.


    Amazon comments look pretty good. Except one comment says "Nasty, unless you like coconut. Can't tell that any MCT is in it." Although they aren't a verified purchaser.

  • I'll probably just bite the bullet and give it a try. There is two of us doing BP so the larger the supply the better!
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    We just finished a 64oz bottle of Piping Rock MCT. Seems fine to me. We just started our second bottle. Helluva deal, for sure.

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  • Great to know! I'll be buying it this week
  • if you buy dave's claim that brain octane is a bazillion times more potent as far as ketones then you are still kind of saving when you buy that. and you REALLY save if you buy it from thrive market for a huge discount... (like 20% off?) and an even bigger discount if you click my link (another 15% off) http://thrv.me/EezRDm

  • I added this to my "Saved for later" cart on Amazon back in June. Now that I am getting low on MCT oil, I think I will buy this and test it out. 

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    I added this to my "Saved for later" cart on Amazon back in June. Now that I am getting low on MCT oil, I think I will buy this and test it out. 

    Definitely let us know how it is. This is a huge deal, if the stuff checks out. So long as it's comparable in quality to NOW, I'd buy it. Though, it does seem to come in a plastic jug (like Dave's), so I'm wondering if that's a concern.


    I bet MCT is like whey, in that most companies just buy from the same supplier and repackage it.

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  • It's good! I've been using it about a month now. I've used Dave's, Now, and piping rock. They are all identical for me.
  • I haven't ordered it yet, but was planning on it by the end of the week.

    I did just notice that there have been a few negative reviews about it over the past few weeks. There seems to be quite a few people complaining about a bitter taste.

    Have any of you that have used it noticed this? Any legitimacy to their claims?
  • No bitter taste over her...weird. to me it has no taste, similar to Dave's or Now.
  • Okay, great. Thank you. I think I will still order it and test it out myself, as the price per ounce is hard to pass up.
  • I've been using piping rock MCT for a month or so now. Im relatively certian that it's what now MCT was, just under a different brand.

  • I bought piping rock's mct oil on their site, they usually have a buy 1 get 1 free sale every so often. I recommend it, its pretty much the same as XCT oil, so you're not getting 100% c8 mct's, so don't use more than 3tbsp without being adjusted or you will have to take a big shit. As far taste goes, its like coconut oil that has been refined so it doesn't really have a flavor.

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    Does it specifically say it's "food grade"? I have never purchased from Piping Rock, but if I'm not mistaken, it's an essential oil company, so the MCT oil might be meant for topical purposes (such as diluting essential oils), and not meant for consumption? I'd contact the manufacturer just to be sure, since MCT oil is the equivalent of FCO. It's probably safe... but still.

  • I am just finishing my 1st week and I searched everywhere for the oil. I found it in one place and I paid $24.00 for a 16 oz bottle. I bought it so I'd be starting out right but holy cow I don't have a job so I'm going to have to find cheaper ways to get around this. Thanks for the heads up at amazon!

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