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My daughter is a nurse and has started to notice her hands shake when giving injections.  She is a very strong, healthy, optimistic people-person.  She loves her job and knows she is making a huge difference with her patients.  The hand shaking thing is relatively new and she feels a bit of anxiety at the time.  Mostly she works with children and seems to have the reaction when the child (or a super anxious parent) are scared/crying/screaming. . .like she is experiencing their anxiety.   She has asked me to help her hack this.  Truly it is an odd thing for her.  She really is the bravest, strongest woman I know.  


About her diet. . . she is my hero when it comes to diet.  No sugar, dairy, processed food, alcohol, grains, or meds.  She eats organic, exercises well.   She has stopped with the coffee bc it seemed to making the shaking worse so I ordered Dave's tea for her to use for her BPC substitute.  She really misses coffee (caffeine) and notices brain fog, sluggish feeling when she stopped it.   Her life outside of work is very stable and good.  It is just this one thing that seems to be tripping her up.


I was wondering if Unfair Advantage would be a good add to her basic supplements (C, D, K2, Cal/mag, Omegas, B complex).  Would it help her handle the anxiety and ability to just focus on the job at hand?   If not, is there some other supplement that would give her that edge she needs to handle this stress and help her keep her hands from shaking?


  • Hi Linda, I don't have any specific advice, but I recently read Melissa Hartwig's posts about giving up coffee. Synopsis off the top of my head: a few years ago she decided/realized that caffeine was just not working for her, so she cut it out altogether (no decaf, no tea, chocolate, etc). At least from the final post of hers that I saw, she seems thrilled with the effects for her but said that it took 4 months (!!!) for her to feel like she had fully adjusted, and it wasn't pretty in the beginning especially. So the coffee/caffeine withdrawal for your daughter might take longer than she expects. I don't have time to look up the page but I don't think it would be too hard to find.


    Best of luck!


    [Not saying, obviously that coffee is necessarily problematic  :) because ... well, I'm on this forum, right? And I've found Dave's stuff on coffee very interesting and convincing. But it does seem that not everyone does well with caffeine.]

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    Is she using MCT? Noticed you said she's in need of a BPC substitute, so I imagine she is. I don't have any links or papers to back this up, however some users have reported an increased incidence of anxiety when consuming even normal amounts of MCT oil with consistency. That might be something to look into. I myself never had any real issues with anxiety until I discovered MCT oil and started hitting it hard. Developed heart palpitations and had slight panic attacks unlike anything I'd ever known. I quit the MCT cold turkey shortly thereafter and the anxiety stopped. Stopping the caffeine for a little while also seemed to help. If she is consuming MCT oil, have her cut it out for a few days and see if that doesn't fix the problem. I could be totally off-base here, but it's worth a shot.

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  • Thanks for the input.  When this first started she really pulled the boundaries in diet-wise and schedule-wise knowing that diet/sleep/exercise is vitally important.  It has been going on for several months.  It isn't every single time, but it happens enough that it is effectively creating a problem in that she is anticipating it happening which adds to the anxiety.  She has been able to override it on occasion by just being matter-of-fact about what she is doing.  But that doesn't work often. 


    I was hoping something that we could add/subtract/do that would override the shaking.   Mentally she is very stable and totally understands the demands of her job and manages things very well.  She isn't a drama queen in any sense of the word.  We've discussed this at length several times, tried several things. . . breathing techniques, calming techniques, even taking up cross-stitching to help fine tune her hand/eye abilities.  She seems to look at it objectively and knows that it is some sort of physical manifestation of stress. . . although, other than the stress of having it happen or the anticipation of it, she doesn't really feel stressed.  In other words, she seems to be doing everything right and yet this still happens.


    Since I hang out on the forums, she asked me to see if there was a hack to give her control over the shaking hands.  We haven't been successful. 


    I appreciate any brain-storming.  Maybe you all have an idea that we haven't thought of yet.  Thank you.

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    tried breathing exercises? it's seems obvious that it is a stress reaction. Some people start shaking when they are stressed or they get muscle twitches.


    What I learned from the podcasts is box breathing as a method that even soldiers use in order to stay calm in stressful situations. Snipers use it. for example. Breath in for 5 seconds, hold 5 sec, breath out 5 sec, hold 5 sec. It will help with concentration and relaxation.

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  • I went into the BP diet including BPC late last year and it has been a great experience losing weight and gaining a lot of mental focus and energy since then.


    While I'm not a naturally anxious person, I started having mild performance anxiety problems while speaking in public going into my 5th month of BPC. Then I remembered that I had always been sensitive to caffeine.

    After doing some experiments, this is what has reduced my anxiety, but not eliminated it completely :


    - I use the decaf version of BPC twice a week.

    - I use OoLong tea instead of coffee twice a week.

    - Regular BPC coffee only 3 times a week.

    - Only one tablespoon of MCT oil with coffee/oolong.

    - One teaspoon MCT oil with one tablespoon collagen in the late evenings.

    - No MCT oil at any other times.

    - No restrictions on BP butter or other BP fats/oils


    I also have a whole stack of vitamins, supplements but they don't seem to affect my anxiety, at least not as much as coffee and MCT oil.


    Both, regular BP coffee and MCT oil individually seem to increase my anxiety. Even a single tablespoon of MCT oil at dinner would give me anxiety that same evening. I wish it didn't because I want to stay in ketosis as long as possible for all the clean-fuel benefits.


    While I find a more permanent fix, before I speak in public I'm using a beta blocker (propranolol) to reduce anxiety. I read about this here :



    What I find with the beta blocker is that reduces the anxiety 'noise' but it does not affect focus one way or the other. The thoughts and emotions don't change, it's just like turning off an electrical switch. The effects last a few hours and it's not a permanent fix, but I feel the difference every time I take it.


    Next in my list is to try more Meditation. I'll post results when I have them.

  • Hi Linda,


    I used to shake during any even moderately intense exchange, even if I didn't feel obviously anxious.  The saviour for me was rhodiola, I cap it myself so probably take about 600mg in the am.  It worked a charm for years!  I drifted away from taking it and have started again in the last few months as I have a lot of stress going on, unfortunately not strong enough to alleviate the stress now - but I'm not shaking :)


    Hope this helps!  



  • Hi Linda,


    I used to shake during any even moderately intense exchange, even if I didn't feel obviously anxious.  The saviour for me was rhodiola, I cap it myself so probably take about 600mg in the am.  It worked a charm for years!  I drifted away from taking it and have started again in the last few months as I have a lot of stress going on, unfortunately not strong enough to alleviate the stress now - but I'm not shaking :)


    Hope this helps!  



    My Doctor just started me on rhodiola.  It really has helped me.  I will suggest it for my daughter. 

  • I read somewhere recently that for some there will be an initial jittery feeling that passes in a few days.  I do know of one person who tried it and stopped taking because she had a jittery response.  YMMV of course.... hope it's working well for you and your daughter!

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    Sounds like it is an anxiety or nerves issue. Has she tried anything like L Theanine, Aniracetam, CDP Choline, or Tianeptine. These nootropics have various benefits however the main one they all share is being great for anxiety and helping to relieve stress caused from anxiety. I'd recommend looking into the CDP and L Theanine for starters since you can find them at most health stores and vitamin shoppe.


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