Nootropic Stack Analysis/suggestions Requested.

Hello all,


Yet another nootropics noob here. I've read a number of posts where folks request stack advice and seem to get a good amount of feedback and I'm hoping for the same. :)


I was diagnosed with ADHD (without the H; mostly a scatterbrain) in my 20's and eventually settled on Adderall after trying Stratera and Ritalin. I had been on Adderall for the last 8 1/2 years, up until very recently. Despite the brutal side effects, it worked very well for me in terms of optimizing my brain function (alertness, motivation, focus and mood stabilization). I'm now without it and have turned to noots as an alternative.


I'm very aware that you cannot totally replace a powerful amphetamine with any combination of noots, but I'm hoping that some of the positive impacts can be replicated or even improved upon. My current work week stack is as follows. On weekends or days that aren't intellectually demanding, I stick to caffeine exclusively and leave my stack to work days.


Modafinil 200mg


Pramiracetam 600-900mg


Sunifiram 14mg


I find that it more or less works for me in terms of alertness and concentration, although I'd welcome the opportunity to enhance those elements. I do assume that I will have to increase the moda dosage as I grow a tolerance to it.


As I mentioned, I realize noots can't necessarily match or beat Adderall in terms of overall efficacy. That said, what I feel I am still lacking is the motivation to complete tasks that result in delayed or uncertain gratification. I'm also missing the "feel good" element of Adderall...; the frequent sense of optimism, self-confidence and general positivity. Maybe these elements can't be found by noots alone, but I would certainly welcome any suggestions as far as adding to my stack. As of now, I am considering adding L-Theanine and/or Vitamin B1.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts & advice!



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