Cannabis Withdrawal Supplements

I am currently a daily smoker (well - I vape with my Volcano) - and I would like to stop.  However, every time I try to, I go through the worst withdrawal of major insomnia, extreme irritability, lack of appetite, depression, and a general overall brain fog which inevitably brings me back to the herb.


To make matters worse, I've compounded the issue by smoking weed when I feel  depressed, alcohol when I feel anxious, and a Monster when I feel fatigued.  


I know they're all harmful in excess and I just can't seem to kick the habits.  I also have the hardest time staying focused on the task at hand (or conversation) and I find my mind drifts all over the place instead of remaining stable.


I'd like to try natural supplements to get me over the hump. 


I'm wondering if it would be more helpful to individually buy some of the supplements to re-calibrate my brain.  


I'm hoping someone with experience can chime in.


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