What's The Best Blender To Use For Bpc?

We've been through 4 blenders in the last 5 months.  Started with the magic bullet 'cuz we already owned one.  Cups all cracked.  Moved on to an Oster blender (also already owned) and the plastic jug cracked. Great excuse to buy a Ninja!  But alas, that cracked after one use and the rubber seals were melting & crumbling as well. We returned it and decided to try a blender with a glass jug, so we bought a Black & Decker model that has a glass jug but still has a plastic base. Now after a week of use, the plastic base just cracked and broke off.  Help!  


At this point I'm scared to be the big spender and go for the Vitamix or BlendTec because they are also plastic jugs and I'm worried they'll crack.  Anyone else experience problems with blending hot liquids and come up with a solution?



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