Bulletproofing Neurotrophins

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Ok, so this is only semi-pure as a "brain" hacking topic, but I think it fits in here. Anybody knowledgeable on neurotrophins? I'm going to experiment to see just how much I can invigorate my nervous system, as I've been having problems lately. Here's what little I've gathered so far:

Exercise increases BDNF

Fasting increases BDNF

Hericium Erinaceus (and probably the other edible Hericium spp.) increases NGF

Polygalia Tenuifolia increases NGF secretion in astrocytes

Do we know anything about NT-3 or NT-4? What acts to inhibit neurotrophins? My guess is that a little bit of stress is NT-promoting, but any more inhibits. Seems to be the standard curve. I wonder about ACh and it's relation to neurotrophins. I have a hunch there's a connection there.

I think I'm gonna head to some Asian markets to find some Hericium. Can't find them anywhere. I may have to drive to San Fran to get them. I'll go into the damn forest this fall if I have to XD

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