Dairy & Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe!

Why hello there! Did someone order the broccoli pizza?! No? Oh too bad, I am delivering you some anyways... But it's not just ANY pizza (see for yourself)... With this pie you'll also get a bonus side of: a review of the movie INSIDE OUT (out in theaters TODAY!) 








How do you order your pizza?!


  • Paleo pizza, imposserble!!

  • No nutritional yeast for me :) not BP.

  • Do you have any hard data on nutritional yeast?  I have heard that a lot, but I haven't seen anything other than blog posts about it.

  • gnoobergnoober
    edited July 2016

    well, no. I guess there is always the problem of contamination with some actual alive yeast. also high dose yeast nucleotides raise uric acid levels, which can lead to gout.


    of course, that was equivalent to 266g of nutritional yeast, which is a bunch.

    At the very least I can see no upside to consuming nutritional yeast.


    My holistic physician says it will contribute to candida growth. But I have no data to prove it. Yeasts of all forms just seem risky to me, having yeast infections already.

  • Onion, garlic, leek and nutritional yeast. Not BP.

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