Should Ox Bile Be Enteric Coated

Hello I have a few questions I hope you guys can help with. I have had my GB removed I pretty much have my digestive system working pretty good. Part of my regamine is taking ox bile, I've been doing research into ox bile and have come across various articles that say that under normal circumstances bile is not found in the stomach and can possibley cause problems if it is, so that led me to the bile sup I take not being enteric coated, but I soon found out that I haven't been able to find any ox bile supps that are. So what people thoughts on this, should ox bile be enteric coated?


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    Intuitively makes sense to me, since bile is discharged in to the small intestine (not the stomach).

    But whether it makes any difference in reality (enteric vs non-enteric), I would not have a clue.

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    It should be enteric coated. The stomach can handle small amounts of bile easily though. Bile is slightly acidic so it should not effect digestion to bad.


    Remember bile from the small intestine is mixed with other enzymes that are lacked in an ox bile supplement. Its not just straight bile.


    The problem is when it gets into the esophagus. It can scar the esophagus like stomach acid.


    If it causes gastritis stop using the supplement. As long as it does not irritate your stomach its fine.

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  • Thanks guys for your thoughts! Its obviously something that's not thought about, I only started thinking about it because I was reading how bile reflux can cause cancer or damage to the stomach. Well there is no enteric coated ox bile to find anywhere!

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