Phenylethylamine, L-Dopa And N Acetyl Tyrosine



A while back I bought lots of Phenylethylamine, L-dopa and N acetyl Tyrosine in powder form from 'Health Supplement Wholesalers'.


They have been laying in storage for a while now. Any opinions on these supplements? Should I take or not take each of them. Why or why not?


Phenylethylamine has a noticeable effect when taken in high dosages, it kind of calms me down and makes me more focused, but I feel weird when taking too much. But what are the long term effects. Are there concerns about quality or lack thereof?


I'm sorry if this post seems lazy, I'm only asking people who already have knowledge about this and are willing to share their opinions.


Any recommendations to other supplements to optimize mental performance? 





  • The post is kinda old and Giancoli has had time to undertake a whole education about PEA supplementation, but yes, I'm willing to share my opinion and my wife and I have been taking it for some time, usually with selegiline to keep it active a bit longer. We can't use high doses at all; we respond to 170 mg, both of us, with or without the selegiline, and we stagger dose for 3 hours to ramp it up slowly to avoid adrenaline jitters and dopamine headache. Still, you can outlive all the controls with this one supplement and even if you don't "feel" a low dose it will be working.

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