Another Nootropic Beginner.

I know there are plenty of threads on here from nootropic beginners asking for guidance on where to start and where to buy.  I am one of those beginners, but I'm trying to take this one into a slightly different direction. 


I haven't seen much about people taking certain nootropics / supplements to help with specific goals or tasks.  For example, I know I've browsed various resources stating that you should really try to build your stack around your specific needs, such as ... focus (day trader), energy (physical labor), vocabulary (public speaker), alertness (driving long hours), memory (student), etc... and that one nootrpopic may work better for a certain need than the others.  


For those with experience in trying different nootropics, does this seem to be the case?  And do you modify your stack depending on the task at hand or do you stay fairly consistent?  


FYI, my current stack is pretty simple.  Each morning I drink coffee w/ MCT, sometimes butter, along with 100mg L-Theanine, 500mg L-Tyrosine, 5g creatine, Prescript-Assist probiotic/prebiotic, 5000iu Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2.  I never feel better throughout the day than I do the first couple hours in the morning.  As the day goes on, my focus / energy drop pretty hard.  I plan on ordering bulk piracetam powder.  I'l try it alone and later add in choline.  


I welcome any thoughts, advice, and tips.  Thanks!


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