Air Purifiers And Mold

Does a good hepa air purifier help reduce exposure to mold?  They are advertised as reducing mold spores and it seems like it would help.  It is an easy intervention as well.


  • Hi! I was thinking about the same thing yesterday. If your apartment is not optimal then you could f.ex have a sleeping tent inside where you filter your air!

  • IQ air is supposed to be good

  • Yes, it can really help with mold problem. We have the Fresh Air Box at my parents house and it works very good. As I know, it uses innovative Alpine Air technology that removes up to 99% of all microbes, dust, smoke, mold and other harmful bacterias which surrounds us all the time. You can check it yourself at their site:

  • I looked into this and got the IQAir Health Pro Plus, which is relatively high cost, but not crazy. This is potentially overkill if your only concern is mold spores, I used to have the Rabbit Air, which is cheaper but still True HEPA. I installed it for broader VOC and small particle coverage.


    This IQAIR unit has HyperHEPA which goes down to 0.003 microns, so 'technically' should work very well to remove all mold particles.


    Ritchie Shoemaker does say this about Air flow in rooms which may mean you need to move the unit around to get comprehensive cleaning, and as he is focused on just mold so he recommends more portable and cheaper units if that's the specific goal:


    "Here is where HEPA filtration comes in. A 0.3 micron pore size filter will remove these

    particulates over time. The problem is that researchers like Greg Weatherman have

    shown us that air flow within a room is subject to tremendous amount of variability due

    to boundary layers. In an effort to deal with the reduced rate of air flow at the corner of a

    room compared to the middle of a room I suggest that the HEPA filters that are purchased

    be inexpensive and portable so that you can move the HEPA filter from location to

    location within a room every single day. As an aside, this reduced air flow of boundary

    layers is reason that whole house HEPA filters have limited benefit."

    "for every living spore that you might find, there are going to be 499

    particulates (most commonly 0.45-0.6 microns in size) that are not alive; they are simply

    fragments of mold organisms or chemicals that will set off inflammatory responses."


    He also has this post up on Mold and use of HEPA with some recommended air purifiers including the IQ Air:

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  • I am working on getting an IQ Air at a decent price... Does yours have a readout on the number of hours each filter has left in it? @Damien @ Quantified Body

    I read online that it does that & want to know bc I plan on buying used.

  • Mold is very dangerous to human health and it is very difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, the air purifier for removing mold is a very good idea. Before buying, I recommend reading the review and choose the best.

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