Sugar Vs Alcohol (Bp) Which Is Worse For Brain

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curious as to the general feeling of the BP forum population.


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  • i don't have any in depth biochemical info to back it up but just judging from the immediate effects, long term effects, and level of addictive potential i'd say alcohol is worse. sugar in moderation that matches your activity level might not even be that bad of a thing, but personally i don't really see anything positive about drinking alcohol. i know that lustig guy said that high fructose corn syrup is about as bad as alcohol, and i agree that it's pretty crappy stuff, but i haven't seen it destroy peoples' lives at the level that alcohol does. if you're gonna alter your consciousness i think there are much healthier, more enjoyable, and potentially beneficial ways. kinda ridiculous that the socially accepted thing in culture is a depressant/emotional-territorial circuit-activator. 

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