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Anyone looking at going with Apple Music for their streaming. I don't use spotify currently or pay for any streaming, but do have Apple Match, so might look into it, as it's released tomorrow.


How does everyone else use streaming sites. Don't feel Iike it's something that'll add to my daily life too much, as I have radio at work and tonnes of podcast and music for other times.


Is streaming really the future?




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    I don't know much about Apple Music, to be honest. My only experience with streaming music is Pandora. But anyhow, I've never understood the allure of streaming music. You might discover a gem here and there, but it's a lot like the radio, in that you end up listening to a bunch of shit you don't particularly care for while waiting for that one song you really want to hear. It isn't 1998 anymore. No one should have to do that. I've got like 60 gigs of music on my computer and follow the work of many different artists closely. This way, I can seek out the song or artist I feel like listening to whenever I want. That's how I prefer to listen to music. I've used Pandora in the past, mainly while at work, but it never did much for me.


    Streaming appears to be the future for the music industry, but I wouldn't say that streaming services are the preference of all listeners.


    TL;DR: I know what I like and I'd rather just stick to what I like, instead of tuning in to some modern incarnation of FM radio. If you really like that one T-Swift song, well, why not just download it so you can listen to it a bunch? Also, get off my lawn.

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  • Amazon Prime now offers members streaming ad-free music.


    I am not a hardcore music lover, but the selection is great.


    If you're a Prime member, its included!

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    I've got tonnes of music too and don't like listening to random stuff as most is shit, I've gem after gem on my computer and must have songs I've listen to thousands of times. I'm guessing with streaming you have access to all your favourites as well (which I own anyway). Not sure if it's just for connivence rather than discovering new music. Thinking most just use it as background music and don't actually listen to it.


    Guess I'll have a better idea latter today, as Apple Music is release today and I'm going to give the 3-month free trial ago.


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  • I use Spotify almost daily, not for random streaming, but for the playlists I have created or found that I enjoy. For albums from bands that I really enjoy, I'll buy the digital version.

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