Searching For Neurofeedback In Central North Carolina



I'm new here.  I've been reading posts here for several months.  What an incredible plethora of supportive and informative posts.  


I'm searching for neurofeedback centers in central North Carolina around the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill areas.  I'm especially interested in beta-reset, but so far, have only found this in LA & Colorado.  


Can anyone offer suggestions?


Thank you!


  • I should have mentioned:


    So far, I've discovered NFB options through Leigh Spine & Brain on the Durham / Chapel Hill border.  Dr Leigh uses qEEG.  It's incredibly expensive; can't get close to affording it.


    I've also discovered NeurOptimal provider, Frederique Beaufils.  She's knowledgeable and very helpful.  It's affordable.  I'm hoping NO treatments will help my 15 year old who has anxiety, depression and identity issues.


    I'm primarily searching for beta-reset or a similar protocol to help neurodegenerative conditions. 



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