Using Audio/visual Entrainment For I.q. Increase And Add/attention Improvement

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I have noticed good results from my AVE brainwave entrainment device. It helps me build sensory acuity-- and cumulative use definitely has had an effect on my attention and I.Q. -- Some protocols are really nice for relaxation as well...

I believe consistent AVE use enhances neuroplasticity and it's definitely cumulative.

I wrote a piece on AVE brainwave entrainment for Holistic Evolution. I discuss the best device on the market for Audio Visual Entrainment. You can also link this device to your emWave2, for a really cool effect.

Here is a link another important link you should check out if your interested in this technology:

Clinical research for treating ADHD & learning disability with A.V.E, and documentation for I.Q. increase and improvement in dementia and stroke rehabilitation:


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