Parasite Cleanse, Full Moon And Biofilms.

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So I read these claims that parasites 'come out' during full moon to reproduce. Don't really know if this is bs or real. I can't refuse it without empirical evidence.

Next full moon is in a couple of days and I have a NOW wormwood complex parasite cleanse, so why not give it a try?

I have also heard about claims of so called biofilms, slimy protective shields that parasites hide in. How does one go about dissolving these biofilms. Some claim enzymes will brake the biofilms down like: candex etc.

Any one with some knowledge and opinions on this?


My stomach is really bloated, yet I have almsost no fat, what's going on?



In this podcast, she talks about biofilms and parasites. She talks about chlorine dioxide and how it is supposed to remove biofilms. I have no idea if this is quackery or not. She claims people poop out parasites when taking it around full moon.


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