Hormonal Issues And My Cycle...what Do I Eat?

AA Female. 30 y/o. 240ish lbs on a 5'2" frame. Been eating low carb/bp/ketogenic for a  while and supplementing but not seeing much in the way of weight loss. Through symptomology and testing I know I suffer from 


-Leptin Resistance


-Adrenal Fatigue


...and now I'm on my cycle...


What do I eat?

Should I be trying to exercise? I have horrendous cramps so NOTHING is happening today; they're lucky I made it to work -__-


Any suggestions based on BP/Skye's program?


  • I would rest while on your period. That's based on personal experience with adrenals and hypothyroidism.


    In general, I'd suggest something gentle for exercise choice until you heal some of these things and feel altogether different...


    If gentle exercise sounds boring and you have a real yearning to do something explosive and high-energy (the opposite of gentle) then I'd do that for short workouts only, only once a week, and rest after. Take calming breaths, and don't rush off to the next thing. 


    I hope you get better!

  • I have hashimotos and adrenal fatigue too, and I am sure I am probably leptin resistant. You might be putting your body under too much stress with such a strict diet, especially the adrenals. And exercise you have to be careful about that you don't exhaust the adrenals even more. I like swimming the most. It's really tricky and I am still a work in progress too, good luck!

  • When it's that TOM, skip the coffee and have bulletproof decaf tea instead.  Caffeine is a big trigger for cramps.  I'd also suggest taking a look at Sky St. John's book on bulletproof for women. I'd been stalled for a long time while on a low-carb diet and it got my weight loss going again plus it reduced the miserable TOM to a bearable level. For me, her best suggestions were eliminating dairy and doing carb refeeds every 3-4 days, following an intense HIIT workout (kettlebells, tabata, etc).  You can get the cardio benefits of high intensity exercise in a very short amount of time and the strength gains are amazing.

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