What do you guys think about adding a tablespoon of honey to BP coffee? I find it ameliorates the taste, but I wonder if the added sugar is a prblm.


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    "Honey: is it ok?

    A: Depending on the bee food, honey is at least as bad as high fructose corn syrup from a fructose/glucose ratio. It does have some trace minerals and if raw, enzymes, but it’s not any more energy producing than a spoon of sugar. The idea that carbs = energy isn’t right! 1 gram of MCT oil = 9 calories (lots of energy). 1 gram of honey = 4 calories, less than half the energy. MCT requires no insulin and burns in your mitochondria easily. Sugar must use insulin then get used as glucose for that is not as efficient as the fat-based krebs cycle, and the remainder of the sugar goes to triglycerides (fat) to be deposited around the waist! That’s why xylitol is a better sweetener than sugar – it causes no insulin spike, actually stops bacteria from sticking, and stops osteoporosis. Just go easy when you start to give your body a couple weeks to get used to making enzymes to digest it, or it can give you the runs. I have used xylitol for sweet taste and MCT as part of my healthy fat for years now!"
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