"5 Common Foods To Stop Eating Now"

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Saw this little article by Dave floating around out there and I have to say I disagree with a couple of his choices. He maligns bananas and coconut water in it, and I think most of us can agree that these are fairly nutritious things that can have a role in a healthy diet, especially if you're active and in need of some carbs. IIRC, Jason Miller posted a while back about how bananas have a better glucose: fructose ratio than sweet potatoes do, but Dave never passes up an opportunity to wax poetic about the value of sweet potatoes on refeeds. Coconut water filled with added sugar could be bad, but run-of-the-mill, plain coconut water? Really? He mentions pasteurization as being a bad thing, but doesn't go into detail. I dunno, but if I'm drinking coconut water, it's probably part of a post-workout drink. The stuff is a good source of electrolytes and carbs. I guess I'm not seeing the problem here?


What say you?


Edit: To be fair, this article looks to be 2 years old now. I only just realized it. Bulletproof shared it on FB a few days ago so I mistook it for something new. But the fact that they're sharing it probably means Dave still stands behind these recommendations.


I dunno, I guess I need to temper my expectations where Bulletproof advice is concerned. When Dave talks about improving "performance", he's evidently only talking about "performance" in narrow, specific terms.

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