So, I am a relative newbie to the Bulletproof Diet and am a bit confused.


Here's my conflict: 


I've dropped a bunch of weight so fat (40+) but still have a lot to lose, probably 60-70 pounds. I've read in Dave's book, in addition to Tim Ferris' 4-hour body, that protein in the morning will help speed up the fat loss. Dave's reco of adding it to my BPC, and Tim's edict of 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking both are very doable.


However, if I want to work out, its best in a fasted state, which means it would have to be the VERY first thing I do when I wake up




I will not be fasting once I ingest the protein, correct?  So how does one with a lot of weight to lose perform intermittent fasting if the best thing is to add protein first thing?


Any advice you can give me to plan out my mornings in which I would love to incorporate a fasting workout, protein consumption, and some sort of intermittent fasting would be greatly appreciated. Is anyone with a lot of weight to lose willing to share their routine?


Many thanks!


- Robb

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