Coconut Cranberry Soup

I have made broccoli leek and fennel egg soup from the upgraded chef book. I want to try coconut cranberry. I have 2 questions. All dried cranberries have sugar on them. I shop at whole foods and trader joes. They either have sugar or some sort of fruit juice on them. What can of coconut milk do I look for ? I guess I can find at whole foods. Do I look for bpa ? What's a good coconut milk?


  • I'm planning on trying this recipe here soon.  I just purchased unsweetened Coconut Milk and Dried Cranberries from Trader Joe's, figured it was my best bet.  I was having issues finding these items at my Whole Foods for some reason.  I'll take pictures and post the results if anyone is interested.  

  • Look for canned coconut milk that has nothing else added in cans that clearly state that they are a BPA free can. Alot of coconut milk now are coconut milk drinks with other crap in them or they have like thickeners or preservatives or other crap. The only thing ingredient that is ok other than coconut is water.

    Trader Joes has one called Natural Value that meets these qualifications. Other than that one I am not sure, just read the labels.
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    I use the Native Forest brand regularly and find their coconut milk tastes great and their cans are BPA free. Trader Joe's brand is also listed on the site as being BPA free. 


    Native Forest does state that they use less than 1% guar gum in the can though. A negligible amount to be sure, but still maybe not a necessary addition on their part.

  • I just made this soup tonight. It's a smoothie, not a soup, but it's DELICIOUS! Good Lord! 


    I had it chilled with whey. 

  • I'm just sipping on this. I try to avoid necroposting but I figured I'd mention that this is pretty much a recipe for blended perfect happiness.

    I couldn't find unsweetened dried cranberries, but being that I'm using this as mostly BP comfort food after getting my wisdom teeth out, I wasn't worried about being super strict.

  • where is the recipe?
  • making your own cranberries is pretty easy


    here is a recipe


    Sugar-Free Dried Cranberries


    1 12-oz package cranberries

    1 cup water

    1/3-1/2 cup xylitol (if you like tart add less) or stevia equivilent to 1/2 cup sugar **make sure to powder xylitol in grinder**

    2 tbsp mct oil



    1. Preheat oven to 200F and line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.

    2. In medium saucepan, combine berries and water over medium heat. Cook until all cranberries have

    popped, but do not let come to a boil.

    3. Drain berries in a colander and transfer to a medium bowl. Toss with sweetener and oil.

    4. Spread on prepared baking pan and separate each individual berry as best you can.

    5. Place baking sheet in oven and let dry, 3 hours or longer.

    6. Remove, let cool and transfer to an airtight container. Store in refrigerator

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  • I have a few questions about this recipe. Firstly I am thankful to Dave Asprey for putting together the recipe book Upgraded Chef but I feel like some corners were cut on some of the instructions. A lot of it seems copy/pasted and it leaves the instructions to some recipes somewhat incomplete.


    For example. a lot of recipes say 'cook the mirepoix' and then add veggies, liquid and meat, etc. and add fat at the end but how am I supposed to cook the mirepoix? Am I supposed to fry it in a completely dry pan? Adding butter is usually saved to the end of the dish (which makes sense to keep fats from heating and oxidizing even if they are relatively heat stable) so I don't think I am supposed to fry the mirepoix in butter and even adding water is pretty much always reserved for a later step so???? I am not sure how one is supposed to "cook the mirepoix" as that is all the instruction that is given.


    I actually resolved to steam the mirepoix usually as that is my default for cooking vegetable as bulletproof as possible, but then I came across the kalamata braised beef in which ginger is included in the mirepoix, so I figured I want the ginger flavour in the dish and that I wouldn't want to steam it. In this dish I resolved to boil the mirepoix using the water from the later step about adding the veggies. The dish turned out pretty good in any case, as all the bulletproof recipes do (except the coffee rub on the baked fish, if you try this recipe, which calls for 1/2 cup of ground coffee beans, I highly recommend just using a pinch of coffee beans like 1/8 or 1/16 cup because I cut it back to 1/4 cup and it was way too much coffee; also grind it super super fine, mine was still a little gritty which added to the unpleasantness).


    Now to my questions about this particular recipe...


    First of all, is this a cold soup or hot soup or both? And the rest is just clarifying the directions.


    So the recipe says to cook the mirepoix then chill. And it says not to cook the fruit and liquid. Cool, cooked cucumber is kind of weird anyway so that would make sense for this to be a cold soup. The directions say though:


    1. prepare the ingredients

    2. cook the mirepoix

    3. add veggies, flavor, water & cook for 10 minutes

    4. blend, then add fat & blend again


    So there are no veggies, but there is fruit, which it says not to cook. So should I just add the flavour and water and cook for 10 minutes? Then blend, add fat and blend again? Do I do this before or after chilling? And of course, do I server hot or cold or is it my choice?


    I ended up cooking the cranberries and ginger in 1 cup of water, adding the cinnammon and thyme and rest of the water, blending, adding coconut milk and mct oil then blending again and putting in the fridge. I will then take it out and mix in some sliced cucumber and mint and chopped nuts and let you guys know how it came out but I would love to hear other people's thoughts on my questions above.


    Thanks for reading.



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