How Exactly Are You Preparing Bulletproof Coffee (Thread Only For Brewers With Scales)?

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This is a topic for people who prepare coffee using scales, and measure each

ingredient precisely, experiment with different proportions, and can share what

works the best.


Today I brewed it this way exactly:




20g Upgraded Coffee beans

50g Graham's Gold Top Jersey butter

25g Brain Octane

0.5g Sonnentor Organic vanilla powder

1g Sonnentor Organic cinnamon (Cassia) powder

500g Highland spring still water from glass bottle


Not sure how % grass-fed is the butter, but according to this article: http:// "Grass-fed cream is

pigmented by beta-carotene, an anti-oxidant and a pre-cursor for vitamin A.

Grain-fed cows get no beta-carotene in their diet (beta-carotene is contained

in grass)." supposedly dark yellow butter is what comes from grass-fed cows.

And the Gold Top Jersey butter is the most dark yellow butter I have saw, and

its also from Jersey cows (the ones which produce A2 milk, with the more

human-digestible A2 casein, but that's probably not so important in butter, as

it doesn't have much protein anyway).




Rhinowares Hand Grinder


Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper 02


Hario V60 Filter Paper White for 02 Dripper


Hario V60 Pouring Kettle "Buono" – Large


butane camping stove

500 ml glass jar with lid (after organic ghee, so no unwanted residue)





1. Weigh the water in the Buono kettle and put it on the stove to boil.


2. Readjust the Rhinowares grind-size by tightening the burrs nut all the way, and then back 5 clicks.


3. Weigh coffee beans in the Rhinowares grinder and grind them.


4. Put the dripper on the glass jar, put one filter paper in the dripper, and pour a little boiling water wetting the whole filter paper to wash it. The hot water will flow into the glass jar, then remove the dripper from the jar, put the lid on the jar tightly and shake the jar to warm it up and wash it.


5. Put the butter, Brain Octane, vanilla and cinnamon in the glass jar, and put the jar on the scale and the dripper on the jar. Put the ground coffee in the dripper.


6. Pour in just enough hot water from the Buono kettle to wet all the ground coffee and wait 30 seconds.


7. Pour the remaining water from the Buono kettle on the ground coffee as slowly as you can.


8. When finished pouring, close the glass jar as tightly as you can with the lid and shake vigorously for about 1 minute.


9. Drink the Bulletproof Coffee straight from the glass jar.


This is my method I use now, because I am camping in Scotland, and don't have a battery-powered blender yet, and also want to minimize the amount of utensils made dirty during the process.


Feel free to comment, suggest improvements/optimizations, and share your exact recipe (grams of coffee/water/butter/oil)!


  • Great idea- I'm still experimenting and I've had bad results thusfar, but once I get it down I'll post. 

  • Personally I would do it this way:


    - Put more than enough water in the Buono and bring to a boil.

    - While it's coming to boil you can weigh out 20gms of beans and start grinding them. 

    - The grind (fine or coarse) will be determined by the total amount of extraction time, there is a lot of information out there about correct extraction times for the Hario.

    - Get the jar, Hario dripper/filter on the scale and pour a bunch of water through the filter, removing any off-tastes and pre-heating the jar, dump that water.

    - This should have allowed the boiling water to cool for approx 30secs, now you can put the coffee grinds in the paper filter and tare the scale.

    - Slowly pour approx 50gms of water into the coffee bed and let it pre-soak for approx 30secs. 

    - Complete the extraction by slowly pouring the rest of the water, you should end up with approx 320gms on the scale.

    - Add the rest of the ingredients. 

  • Thanks to staylor's input in another thread and a vast amount of research I have made my first cup of Aeropress coffee. Previously, I was using a Keurig and had inconsistent results. 



    Bonavita Electric Kettle with Gooseneck 

    Hario Hand Grinder


    Repurposed Kitchen Scale



    21 Grams (was aiming for 20) of Medium-Course Grinded Upgraded Coffee

    16 oz (473gms) of 200 degree F water (the electric kettle made this so much easier)

    2tbs of Kerry Gold Unsalted 

    2tbs of Brain Octane


    My process (WIP):

    1. Boiled water which I used to preheat my blender, aeropress, travel mug, and to rinse the paper filter

    2. Filled Kettle with 16 oz of water and set to 200F

    3. Grinded Coffee and poured into the Aeropress (I'm using the inverted method)

    4. Placed butter into Blender

    5. Once water had reached 200F I filled the Aeropress about half way and gave it a chance to do it's thing before giving it a light stir and filling it to just below the top. 

    6. Gave it one last stir

    7. Twisted the cap and filter on and set a timer for 2 minutes

    8. After the 2 minutes were over, I flipped it and placed it atop my preheated cup and gently pushed down. I didn't force it as much as I just let my weight do the work. It probably took 30-45 seconds. I stopped when I heard the air release.

    9. I poured the remaining water into the cup with the coffee and poured it into the blender with the butter and Brain octane oil.

    10. Blended- 30-45 seconds later I had a great cup of coffee.



    Before I would make 2x 8ish ounce cups of coffee using the Keurig. I would use about 12gms of grinded coffee for each cup. I also had the water temp set to 200F, but some days it'd taste better than others. 


    With my Aeropress I used and yielded less overall coffee, but it was less bitter and well rounded. I used a taste tester to confirm it tasted stronger than my usual brew. I intend to switch to the Able metal disk filter, but I wanted to try out a paper filter so I could know the differences. I'm also debating tweaking my grinder to produce a finer grind of coffee as I think mine is a little courser than what I've seen others using. While my hand grinder is more consistent than my electric blade grinder, I definitely intend to switch to an electric burr grinder when I can afford it. I don't mind hand grinding it, but changing the grind a pain and hard to keep track of.


    Taste wise I don't have a lot to compare it to as I've only ever used Upgraded beans and I only have used the Keurig (which is terrible). I wasn't a coffee drinker before I started the BP Diet and as long as it keeps me moving I don't complain too much about the taste. I intend to try some local roasts in the future and get a pour over device to play around with. Hopefully, a little diversity will allow me to better notice the subtle differences there are when preparing coffee using various methods. 

  • so does anyone worry about using the plastic contiainer on the high speed blenders i contacted vita-mix it is NOT heat safe, and i hear glass breaks? not to use metal..i mean really ? what to do??

  • so does anyone worry about using the plastic contiainer on the high speed blenders i contacted vita-mix it is NOT heat safe, and i hear glass breaks? not to use metal..i mean really ? what to do??


    if it's thick it should be okay. Aeropress is designed as a coffeemaker. must have some tolerance. 


    I've had a KitchenAid and a NutriBullet carafe (both plastic) break, presumably due to heat. I have a blender now that is borosilicate glass. Thick. No problems with carafe. the plastic screw-on base on the other hand.... let's just say i'm on my third shot with this blender.

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