Fertility And Strange Changes

Hi I am a 39 yo woman, trying to conceive and preparing for fertility treatment.  started bulletproof regimen 2 months ago.  Several unusual things that happened since: 1. twice had a close call to fainting: weakness and numbnes in hands and feet and heavy breathing.  both times was at night after taking GABA, magnesium, glutathione and PQQ. 2. once a strange brief heart palpitation followed by a rush of blood to the head. that was afternoon, no supplements that day except bullet proof coffee and tea with brain octain oil.  3. the most concerning one--menstrual cycles became 14 and 17 days.  4. in the initial period (the first month or so) had several nausea instances. 


Any explanation for any of these? None of these things are in any way typical of my medical history.  Any feedback would be much appreciated.  



  • No idea. I would run what your doing by your DR. I had a bunch of this happen before I ever considered the diet. Turned out my Vit D was at 2%. Maybe have them check your levels. A big diet change can easily leave you not covering vitamins in food groups. 

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    What have you changed?

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    Is your social worker in that horse?


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  • Hi thanks for the replies. I added bulletproof coffee, all the recommended top 10 supplements plus GABA, 5HTP, stevia. eliminated sugar, wheat and most grains, reduced carbs and fruits.  practice intermittent fasting with BF coffee.  I was wondering if the period problems coudl be related to 5HTP or stevia. the weakness spells to GABA in the natural calm magnesium somehow.  If I go to any dr here they will tell me to stop all this immediately!

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    yes but you can still request them to check your vitamin levels. You could also stop taking all the supplements for a few weeks and add them in one at a time. That could show you if you are reacting to something. Dave him self says you have to do what works for you. People are not cookie cutter beings. Just because these are the suggested supplements doesn't mean you don't need something more. Or less.You wouldn't believe the amount of vitamins you cut out of your diet when you drop wheat. Much less everything else. You have to be careful to add foods back in that replace those lost vitamins. Or add supplements to help. But be careful with supplements as they may not be what they are marked as. Go with a trustworthy supplier. Be careful and try keeping a health diary so you can pinpoint problem areas. With the reactions you are having I would refrain from taking anything new in bunches. Add new things one at a time, do that a week, then you can add another if you don't see a reaction. I most strongly suggest you have your DR check all your levels. If he complains at you tell him to mind his business. Your paying him. Then go off the supplements for a few weeks and add them back one at a time. Its the best I can tell you. 

  • let me try. Do you know what specific tests need to be done?

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    Do you eat enough?


    I suggest if you go to a dr. don't tell anything about the supplements. They don't understand. Just do your best to force them to do the tests you need.

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • Reka, that's probably the only way.  Redring thanks so much for the advice, I will do that, that seems to be easy.  I have changed so many things that it will take several months but it's safer.  

  • Reka, I think I eat plenty. I have lost 3 kilos in two months on the bulletproof diet. I am not too skinny.  BMI around 19, but more of a skinny fat I'm afraid.  

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    Are you drinking enough water and what kind? You might consider looking at Dave's podcast about MTHFR as well. 

  • Just a thought, are you getting enough salt?
  • Dear Parker and BMK:  my weight is normal, BMI of 19 but more of a skinny fat, do not work out much.  I did listen to the MTHFR podcast (I have listened to about 150 of Dave's podcasts in the past two months).  I was taking folic acid when these problems happened except the last heart palpitation, but now switched to folate.  I am taking salt with water in mornings, as Dave advises and use himalayan and sea salt to taste during the day.  I don't drink too much water, maybe too little. Water I drink is either bottled in plastic (can't avoid it) or filtered (pureeffects ultra desinfect filter).  thanks so much for the feedback.  I have added dona gate's priobiotic regimen recently and that has helped with my acne rosacea.  I believe it gives me brain fog but I need to heal my gut first.  

  • OK now i know that the strange sensations that sometimes feel like pre-fainting are from GABA.  I use NOW foods GABA powder. used to use 1/2 teaspoon, now moved to 1/4 tsp but still feel it. Perhaps it is not for me.  

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    GABA and 5HTP are serious business. Are you using these as daily supplements? Why? 


    BPIF is good for many people on many days, but does put a stress on the body. I wouldn't think it's a great idea for someone trying to conceive.


    Also how low carb have you gone? That stresses the body too, I'm surprised no one's asked about that in this thread. 


    You might find a copy of "The Better Baby Book" which is Dave Asprey's book exactly on these sorts of things. 

  • GABA and 5Htp were part of Dave's recommendations. I do not do it every day, but do it often.  I found Dave while I was looking for ways to be able to sleep less and perform better. Needed 9 hours of sleep daily and performed very poorly on less.  I did read the better baby book but I do not recall that it said not to take GABA or 5 HTP.  Thanks for advice, I will discontinue these.  Thank you! 

  • As for carbs.  I try to eat plenty of veggies and occasional fruits. occasional potato, very little.  grains not much at all, maybe once a week amaranth or millet or buckwheat, since I am also doing the body ecology, which forbids rice for candida reasons.  

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