Acne From Coffee

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Anyone else getting acne from coffee drinking?


Any ideas in how to hack this?



Edit: I also discuss how to avoid jitters and optimize long term focus and calm over a short burst of energy and high followed by a crash.


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    I have decided to go slow on the coffee. For me, if I take too much my mind gets too jitterish...I also get bad skin. It's better with two small cups than one big, spreading it out over some hours.

    Another idea is to mix in decaf to get the benefit of taste without having too much caffeine. It might be that my brain is easily exhausted and the caffeine burns out the fuel too fast. Maybe I need to do something to increase the fuel tank in the brain so to speak.

    I'm trying to find the optimal mourning routine...I'm going to try about one scoop (big tea (coffee lol) spoon) of coffee. I'm also looking for other things that calms me more down so I'm energized but in a more smooth calm way.

    Any ideas? I'm thinking about buying L - theanine and then have one capsule of theanine together with the coffee. The theanine has a nice synergy with the caffeine. Not sure Theanine is legal in Norway though...

    I also discovered that the butter is really important to ease out the brain octane. If I want to add a lot of brain octane I have to add a lot of butter.

    I'm just using this thread to share my optimization of the morning routine. Taste is nice, but it's all really about getting my brain going, but in a calm long term fashion so I can sit down and think hard for hours.

    Any opinions on nicotine? I have used a little of nicotine gum sometimes, not sure if it is beneficial.

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    Drink more spring water to help flush toxins, just don't guzzle too much at one time.  My 22 yr old had major acne on his face and back that completely disappeared after a few weeks of taking some beef thyroid glandular.  (American Biologics)   He's taking 4 tablets daily.  Not sure if you'll be able to access a supply though.  I can't get it across the border anymore. 

  • Coffee Negatively Affects How Your Body Absorbs Minerals and Foods. Heavy coffee drinks have a difficult time absorbing the right minerals and nutrients into their bodies.

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