New To Bp - Questions

Hiya everybody, I am new to bullet proof and to Paleo. I did a whole 30 a year ago and it worked well and then I did not maintain it (lost 12 pounds in a month).

Some background info: I am almost 41 y.o. female, my height is 179cm (5f 10i) and my current weight is 73kg (161 pounds). 2 years ago I took 7kg within a few months, and then another 3kg progressively. I want to come back to my lighter weight and want to gain muscles. Half a year ago I started moving more (lifting weights, rope jumping, yoga...) but to lower the weight is not that easy.

Question: I am persuaded in benefits of BP lifestyle thus I started it today. Had a coffee in the morning and a good lunch (cooked veggies with butter and cooked meat). I feel hungry, like really hungry and I want to understand what I have to experiment with to adjust and find my own balance:

- how much food is enough and how much is too much, right now I have a hunger to eat a horse

- from previous threads I understood that it is better to track the % of fat, carbs and protein eaten in a day and to play with these percentages. But back to my first question how much is too much food.

- I can go through periods of feeling a bit hungry, if that is a process and after some weeks my body will adjust. However I can not afford to go through periods of weaknesses (3 kids, hubby, full time demanding job and teaching yoga and pilates twice a week in evenings). Any helpful tips?

I am new to that, sorry if my questions are redundant (links to existing threads are welcome. I went through few). I am determined to make it work but I feel reading the book is not enough. And also MCT oil is ordered and on the way.

Thank you all who'll answer me.


  • It takes at least a week for your body to readjust to burning fat for fuel instead of carbs.  Reduce your stress and get enough sleep and some extra naps if necessary.  For your height, you aren't far off your sweet spot with your weight anyway...especially if you've already got some muscle happening.  Also, thirst can mask itself as hunger drink enough. 

  • Parker, thanks, it is helpful. You might be quite right about stress / anxiety, I will work on it. I never dieted before in my life, but want to get rid of the stubborn weight and keep it away and improve my general well being.
  • Dieting makes people fat.  Just eat real healthy food and make sure to drink enough water but don't over do it.  Add some brisk walking to your exercise routine as well. 

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