Timing Of Morning Coffee In Relation To Exercise

I'm new to the Bulletproof lifestyle, and still have so many questions! One question is about the timing of my morning BP coffee. Due to my schedule, the only time I have to exercise is in the morning, typically at about 5:30. I live close to the gym, so I usually roll out of bed about 5:00 and go- not ideal, but as a full-time professional and graduate student with several other commitments, this is really the only time I can make it work. 


Considering this, what should the timing of my BP coffee be? Before exercise? After? Is it enough to only have BP coffee after exercise, or do I need something more? 



  • So, from what you say, it sounds like IF wouldn't be for me if I must exercise in the morning? 

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    I believe you would want to start with BP coffee before exercise to help suppress mtor.


    Whether or not you need to eat depends on what type of exercise you're doing. If you're lifting weights, you probably want to eat something. If you're just getting low-intensity movement in (running, elliptical, etc.) then you might be ok doing IF.


    IF is a great technique, but not the beginning and end of wellness. Use it if it fits your needs.

  • Ancora,


    I am somewhat in the same timing schedule as you. I workout before 5AM due to commitments. When I was doing the bulletproof coffee, I was working out on a fasted state and the drink my bp coffee around 8. I am trying to get back on the intermittent fasting using BP coffee but would like to incorporate my supplements as well.


    How are you incorporating your bp coffee and are you using other supplements? 

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