Rhodiola Rosea - Anti-Stress, Energy - My Results

Rhodiola Rosea is a herbal adaptogen and one of the few supplements that's given me noticable benefits.


Plenty of studies on it showing reduced cortisol, improvements in mental well-being, and improvements in situations of physical and mental stress.


My Results:


-Reduced stress. Specifically, a dampened "fight-or-flight" response. Things still get to me emotionally and mentally - but my body doesn't get nearly as flooded with stress or physical panic.  Subjectively, it just feels like there's less cortisol washing around in my system.  Frequency and intensity of tension in my body is reduced, and I'm able to "breathe more freely".


-I recover more quickly from stressful situations. I "bounce back" better - tension dissipates more quickly, and I snap back to baseline "OK".


-Improved exercise performance and stamina - my kettlebell swings immediately jumped up after taking it.


-More energy during the day  - I can "keep going" longer with work tasks, also have more energy left for physical work like tidying up /cleaning.



For me it's been a modest gain, let's say 20% better, on a range of dimensions. I'll gladly take those gains though, and this is a supp I won't go without.


I take 250mg in the morning and 250mg once or twice later in the day depending.  I feel like this is indispensable for assistance in getting through demanding times.




-Results are dose dependent - low dose is stimulating, higher doses sedating.


-Some brands suck and dont contain enough actives. I've had decent results with Nature's Way and NOW, both standardized extracts.


-It takes a couple of weeks to kick in. The first few times you take it, it can have some odd results - either jitters or sedation. Takes a while for your body to adjust and start benefitting.


-Results do seem to vary - some people say it changed their life, others say they noticed nothing. I'm somewhere in the middle - modest, desirable gains, but no magic pill.


-It amplifies the effects and half-life of caffeine... I have to reduce dark choc and green tea intake on Rhodiola.


Supposedly no need to cycle, as it's not a GABA agonist and effects on serotonin/dopamine are mild.


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    Just to add that Gotu Kola combines well with Rhodiola for stress/anxiety. Made a difference within 3-4 days of adding it to my Rhodiola regimen. I found it positive in both work and social situations, and complementary to Rhodiola.  Adaptogens rock.

  • well i wanted this sucker to work since it was the closest thing to Ritalin....but i didn't noticed a thing.    everything stayed the same.

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    I've been taking this for a few years off and on - I notice when I stop taking it I'm not as stress adapted, so I'm reminded to start taking it again.  I just cap the ground root, 00 caps so 600-1000mg powder. There is no "feeling" that kicks in, just an absence of some of the stress response.  It's a staple in my toolbox :)


    Edit to add...must try with gotu kola!  Thanks for the tip!

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