Coffee Makes Me Anxious

Hi everyone,


When I drink coffee with Grass-Fed butter and Coconut/MCT oil, I definitely feel a noticeable difference in my energy levels. However, I notice that coffee makes me feel more anxious. It's manageable but noticeable. I can still function but it's definietely there. I've been meditating everyday for 20 min and doing 3 Cycles of emWave at Lvl 3 which I'm sure helps but was wondering if you guys had anymore recommendations of what I should be doing to lower my anxiety when I drink coffee. 


I also get the sense that the coffee just puts to the forefront the anxiety that is already there but is lying underneath my "default state". I feel I get as anxious as anybody else in this world we live in but the meditation definitely helps. Furthermore, the anxiety lasts for about 4 hours I guess.


So yea, I would like to get the benefits of drinking bulletproofcoffee without the anxiety and any tips would be appreciated.






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    L-Theanine works for many people. Dosage is usually twice as much as caffeine.

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  • L-Theanine works for many people. Dosage is usually twice as much as caffeine.


    I'll add that to list of things to try. 

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    Try a few things to see if you can narrow it down... are you using upgraded beans specifically?


    Try black coffee. Try coffee with butter. Try coffee with MCT. Try coffee with butter and MCT. Try upgraded decaf. Is there any difference in anxiety levels?


    If you find the MCT is causing the biggest uptick in your anxiety, try going to a lower amount and building up over time.


    L-Theanine is another good thing to try as Reka suggested. Some people also like gaba, but theanine is much more approachable.

  • Yea, that's the right approach! I'll try it and let you guys know. I don't think it's just caffeine since tea or other caffeinated foods don't seem to cause the same response.

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    When I was in the supplement industry we often heard about anxious from people when they used products with caffeine. It can be changes in the heart beat that you feel as uncomfort/anxious. Have you tried HRV pre and post consumption? Personally I often ger SVES from caffeine but you would need EKG/ECG too see that.

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  • Are you drinking actual Bulletproof TM Coffee, or a type of coffee that fills the criteria for being 'bulletproof'? I often feel anxious/jittery after drinking crap (over over-roasted) coffee but that changed after finding much higher quality sources. Have you tried not having coffee first thing in the morning? I now find that having a 'bulletproof' tea first thing then coffee mid-morning is much better in terms of anxiety and digestive health (coffee first thing leads to dehydration from start of the day (for me), whereas leaving coffee until mid-morning seems to be much much better in terms of digestion (specifically stool hydration and volume, and bowel movement regularity).


    Also chugging a high quality matcha powder green tea around the time of the coffee seems to take the edge off the coffee 'jitters'.

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    I agree with chunkbutler -  try the upgraded/bulletproof branded coffee and see if that makes a difference. There are some very good, high-quality coffee places near me that get good beans and roast them on-site... and it's a 50/50 shot as to whether their coffee makes me feel jittery or not. I can have 3+ cups (extreme for me) of upgraded/bulletproof brand coffee and not feel any jitters.


    I usually try to start my day with 16 oz of water (often with 1/2 tsp of salt) to make sure I'm hydrated. Then BP coffee follows. That might help with dehydration if that is a problem.

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    Of course, the true solution is to stop drinking coffee. Or at least drink a lot less, and less regular.

  • HI there, I'm very new to bulletproof coffee (this is only my third day). Prior to starting I didn't use caffeine at all, except in an occasional green tea 


    I'm using the authentic bulletproof brand so the coffee is high quality. I've followed the recipe to the letter.

    I don't have caffeine jitters but do feel anxious/nervous. I'm not a naturally anxious person and have nothing at all to be anxious about so can only conclude this feeling is due to caffeine.

    But I still have the feeling and its over 9 hours since my coffee....?

    Do you think the anxiety is due to the caffeine? And if so will I get the benefits of bulletproof coffee using decaf? Or should I persevere?


    I do feel I'm experiencing a greater clarity of focus and increased energy levels so seem to be getting the benefits of the coffee; but this anxiety is very unusual for me and quite awful...

    Any advice will be gratefully received. 

  • Ive noticed that I feel anxious when I drink lighter roast coffee's.  When I drink bulletproof brand coffee it does this to me everytime,  when I switched to illy's dark roast coffee,  i felt better.  I actually heard Tim Ferris say this to Dave since I noticed it for myself.   Unfortunately bulletproof doesn't have a dark roast...give it a shot though

  • Folks, you don't HAVE to drink coffee. Everybody's different, and coffee isn't this magical polyphenol blend that everybody reacts to perfectly.

    +1 for L-theanine, possibly my favorite supplement. Try other caffeinated drinks, like yerba mate.

    An appropriate question would be, what exact benefits are you trying for with coffee? Fat-burning, cognitive benefits, energy, certain gene expressions?

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