Social Anxiety

From time to time whenever I am talking to someone or just walking around in public I will get really hot and start sweating for like a minute period. I have tried breathing exercises which have helped but have been working with my functional medicine doctor who has recommended I take Serenx by Xymogen. Does anyone else have any recommendations?? FOr a different adaptogen or stress/adrenal formula?


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    Eliminate caffeine, theobromine and any other stimulants you might take. 

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    These are some ways I've been able to help overcome my anxiety issues which I believe are linked to build up stress over time (of all types, physical and mental):


    Eliminate stimulants

    Try and incorporate meditation into your day (Headspace app is a good way to go about this and starts with just 10 minutes a day so you can easily fit it into your schedule and make it a habit, it's what I've been using and has made the biggest difference) - allows you to keep yourself out of the negative thought patterns that can trigger social anxiety and makes you more resilient to stress. Whenever you do it in the day is helpful - morning sets you up clear for the day, lunch time helps overcome the stress of the day so far and set you up for a clearer and more relaxed afternoon, at night clears your head ready for better quality sleep etc.


    As for dealing with anxiety-inducing situations themselves:

    Try and use positive affirmations. Placebo or not, or however you want to describe it, going into a situation confident that you can deal with it and convinced that you're going to be able to deal with it (at least realising that it's possible to deal with the situation and you're taking the steps to do that) helps a hell of a lot and when you start to see an improvement this becomes easier.

    Also almost standing/conducting myself in a confident/'strong' way seems to affect the level of anxiety I feel. Walk with 'intent', stand tall, shoulders relaxed, chest wide (but not so that you look like you're strutting like a peacock of course) etc.

    Finally, when you're in situations where you feel like the anxiety might be an issue, make sure you're breathing long and slow from your diaphragm (belly) and not unconsciously doing short, sharp breaths from the top of your chest (which will activate your sympathetic, fight-or-flight nervous system which can trigger anxiety).


    As with most things, adequate sleep helps my day-to-day issues and I try to get to bed by half 10 at the latest - notice a difference when I get to bed on time vs. going to bed later, even with the same amount of sleep.

    l-Theanine - I take 200mg in the morning (to help with focus and stress) and 200mg before bed (to aid sleep). Seems to pay dividends over time by subtly lowering stress and increasing resilience.

    Quit turning to your smartphone at every available moment (if you do this) and give yourself and your brain a break when you have a free moment rather than pumping it full of more (normally un-needed) sensory information and putting more strain on it. Smart phones aren't bad but never giving your brain a chance to rest and reset is.


    Hope some of this helps

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