Where Are The Alleged Lab Results? (Pls Aware Newbie)

Newbie here.


Are there actual lab results showing that Bulletproof Coffee beans are actually mycotoxin free? I've seen, in past articles on bulletproofexec, Dave say that he will post lab results from expensive mold tests he had rushed. Has any results ever been posted by Dave? Or are these results private along with Dave's proprietary coffee bean cleaning method? Are people just taking Dave's word for it? I feel like showing lab results is the easiest way to claim legitimacy when claiming Bulletproof Coffee is mycotoxin free.


From what I've seen when looking into mycotoxins, there are two camps of people. Either, people are either against Dave Asprey's claim about his coffee or the actual severity of the mycotoxin problem (if there even is one) in the coffee industry as Dave claims. Or fans of Dave Asprey seem to have a weird cult-like mentality towards Bulletproof Coffee beans and very defensive towards Bulletproof Coffee Beans. 


Don't get me wrong. I like bulletproof style coffee. I used to just drink black coffee during IF but would get caffeine jitters but once I started adding grass-fed butter and MCT I've had steady energy all day. 





-Where the alleged lab results showing mycotoxin levels of Bulletproof Coffee beans?

Brethren, dost thou even hoist?

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